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Donation List

$13 - Doctor Brandon; "Keep the extra money"

Great guy. Even though we argue I still respect that you've done that. This was more of an indirect donation. Kind of a, "Keep the change" scenario when purchasing a past product.

$1.11 - MCA/TVC; "Very happy for these exploits, you should be proud."

I'm glad you like them man, thank you.

$1 - Vuz; "This jerky fellow here was tricked and followed by coleson. he decided to copy him and send some love."

Guessing he decided to follow up on Coleson. Much love

$1 - Coleson Dyck; "I hate money"

While chatting on discord, I jokingly told everyone to give me all their money. He asked for my paypal so I gave it and demaned $1mil. Thanks man!

$1 - Unknown; "No Message"

First donation i've received. Quite the anonymous guy. Thanks though man!

$0.10 - Brayden Clarke; "No Message"

Just sent money with no message '0' Its the thought that counts, so thanks c:

$0.01 - Kushy Kush; "Use it wisely"

Bro... LOL.

$0.01 - Alejandro Alvarado; "Keep it Up"

Donations make it into this list I guess xD.

$0.01 - Twitch Follower; "Hi"

Didn't really catch the name, but while streaming, some dude decided to donate one cent.


Changed Link Redirection

You are no longer able to click the image for an instant download, instead, when you click the image, you are taken to AdFly. Click the skip ad button at the top right and your download will initialize. This is only one step longer, I hope it won't be a big deal. Make sure to not download anything below the skip ad button!

All exploits are working

An amount of people have declared them as patched, when in truth that is false. They operate the same as they always have. Just remember that for item replacement, you need to hop servers if it skips straight to zero. I'm not going to keep something up if it isn't working. One shot just works on cars and zombies. (Tested 11/8/16)

Don't give me too much praise

All exploits i've released have been prediscovered. I learned how something works, then I remake it to my pleasure. For example, Apoc Infinite Ammo was originally a cheat engine exploit. I remade that exploit into software for a more convenient experience. JJSploit was originally a single command exploit with it's source released by team Azul. I edited it to my pleasing. My point is that I don't create exploits, but instead I remake things. I was actually close to making my own 100% JJ made exploit, but things came up. Who knows... Maybe itll happen.


Parents wont allow you to make an email? No problem, use this bot to send me one. Just type in your message and hit send!


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