Fluxus Android

NO ROOT Fluxus Android is a script executor for Android. It has 24H keys, built in script library, an executor but on android!

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Installation Instructions

  1. Download the .zip file on your Android phone
  2. On your Android phone's file explorer, extract the three files from the downloaded .zip file
  3. Double click "MT_Manager.apk" to start the install of the MT Manager app
  4. Once installed, open the MT Manager app.
  5. Click on "READ AND AGREE" when prompted. This is to enable required permissions.
  6. When asked, allow access to photos, media, files, phone calls.
  7. In the now opened MT Manager app, you should see a file explorer. Navigate to where you extracted the files from step 2. By default, it should be in the Download folder.
  8. Copy code text below to your clipboard. You'll be pasting this in a later step.
                                    const-string v0, "FluxusAndroid"
                                    invoke-static {v0}, Ljava/lang/System;->loadLibrary(Ljava/lang/String;)V
  9. Return to the MT Manager app. In the left pane, click on the apkcombo.com.apk file.
  10. In the left pane of MT Manager app, it will show a new file directory. Look for "classes.dex" and click on it.
  11. A selection prompt will appear asking how you want to open the file. Choose to open it with "Dex Editor plus."
  12. A file explorer will appear. Navigate to /com/roblox/client/startup. You should then see a file named "ActivitySplash." Click on it to open the file.
  13. A text editor will open for the "ActivitySplash" file. At the top right, click on the triple dots and open the text search. Search exactly for the text, "onCreate". Select the option from the list that says exactly, "onCreate".
  14. Bewteen the lines that say, ".registers 7" and ".line 1", paste the text that you copied from step 8.
  15. After you paste the text, click the save icon at the top right to save your changes to the ActivitySplash file.
  16. Wait for the "Saved sucessfully" notice to appear.
  17. Press the back button on your phone to return to the file explorer.
  18. Press the back button again. A save file prompt will appear. Select "SAVE AND EXIT" to save your changes to the "apkcombo.com.apk" file.
  19. Once saved, MT Manager will return you to the apkcombo.com.apk view in the left pane. Another prompt will appear asking that you want to confirm changes to "classes.dex". Click the "AUTO SIGN" checkbox so it is checked. Confirm changes by clicking "OK".
  20. Another prompt will appear. Ignore and close it.
  21. In MT Manager, remaining in the "apkcombo.com.apk" view window, navigate to the "lib" folder and open it.
  22. Open the "arm64-v8a" folder.
  23. In MT Manager app's right pane, make sure you are navigated to the extracted files from step 2. Click on the file named, "libFluxusAndroid.so"
  24. Copy the settings in the image below then click OK.
  25. A prompt may appear. Ignore and close it.
  26. In the left pane of MT Manager app, you should then see that the "libFluxusAndroid.so" file has been added to the "arm64-v8a" folder.
  27. In the left pane of MT Manager app, navigate to the directory where you extracted the files from step 2. You may now see that "apkcombo.com.apk" file is now green.
  28. Click on the apkcombo.com.apk file. A prompt will appear asking you to install the new game client. Click on "INSTALL" to confirm the install.
  29. Once complete, you should see a prompt stating the apk has successfully installed. Click on the "LAUNCH" button to open the new game client.
  30. Enjoy! The game client should then start Fluxus Android running!