Script-Ware iOS

Execute Lua scripts from your iPhone

Installation Instructions

Using your iPhone...

  1. Uninstall the original game's app store client
  2. Download and direct install the Scarlet client. Beware of pop-up ads as they may contain malware!
  3. Open your iPhone settings and navigate to General -> VPN & Device Management -> China Mobile Group Jiangsu Company Limited -> Trust the Scarlet Developer App
  4. Download the decrypted client IPA
  5. Download Script-Ware iOS dylib
  6. Open the Scarlet app
  7. Press the download button in the lower navigation menu
  8. Press the download button at the top right
  9. A file explorer will appear. Open the downloaded scriptware.dylib file
  10. A second file explorer will appear. Open the downloaded .ipa file.
  11. The modded game client will begin to install.

Once the new game client is installed, just open it, join a game, and you will see the new mod menu.