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JJSploit v4

With JJSploit, You can expect: Flexibility, constant updates, and enjoy the premium feel. JJSploit has the capability to kill anyone, manipulate players, execute commands, and exercise free power with Lua C scripts.



Some of the commands are temporarily removed



Displays a full list of commands


Clears the console's text




kill {targetPlr}

Kills the selected player

teleport {targetPlr}

Teleports you to the selected player

bring {targetPlr}

Teleports the selected player to you

speed {targetPlr} {targetNumber}

Sets the selected player's speed to the set speed

ff {targetPlr}

Adds a forcefield to the selected player

jumppower {targetPlr} {targetNumber}

Sets the selected player's jump power to the set power

freeze {targetPlr}

Freezes the selected player so they can no longer walk

thaw {targetPlr}

Unfreezes the selected player so they can walk again

punish {targetPlr}

Deletes the players character(They can escape by resetting)


music {AssetID}

Makes the server play the selected sound

skybox {AssetID}

Sets the game's skybox to the selected image

btools {targetPlr}

Gives the selected player a set of building tools


Adds fog the server


Removes fog from the server

highlight {targetPlr}

Makes it easier to find the selected player

unhighlight {targetPlr}

Removes the highlight from the selected player(Will crash if player is not already highlighted)

arceus {targetPlr}

Gives the selected player a pet Arceus


Gives the selected player a pet frog

nolimbs {targetPlr}


noarms {targetPlr}

Removes the selected player's arms

nolegs {targetPlr}

Removes the selected player's legs

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