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[CW] COVID10 (classiccat) - Rep Evader



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COVID10 = classiccat

read this:

also check my reply to this thread:


classiccat is a big manipulator btw, and if you wanna laugh at his hypocrisy check this thread on club dark:


basically he was saying people in wearedevs doxxed him (it was him bruh), that 2JJ1 is toxic in private (he literally told me once he was gonna threaten 2JJ1 in emails bruh x2) and that everyone on wearedevs is toxic (check his replies on clubdark and wearedevs they are the toxic ones bruh x3)


how to identify classiccat:

- Weird looking screenshots (covered in the first thread linked)

- Always talking about malicious servers and OVHs and things like that

- Lack of knowledge and childish behaviour


also look at those amazing fake comments (except 2 or 3 he didnt bother removing), didnt even take the time to make them look realistic (on his botnet vid he removed)



also he has an alt called masterstress and he sells botnets and things like that

and he was earthboy55 too, he has a ton of other alts

and he threatens suicide to some people, i know suicide is a serious thing but threatening suicide is one of the most efficient ways of manipulating someone



ok thanks for reading this goodbye

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10 chars

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iconic and ironic.


Road to 69 rep hehe

hehe funny


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how to identify classiccat:

someone trying to act professional


he was once telling me that he is makingg a paid gui call Skid Hub

and oh boy it was very skidded

my man used imgui for the gui


literally told me that he made everything

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-9999999999999999 rep for betraying me.



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this is 70948679346790460637084679% false. Jon is one of the nicest and most respected people I have met online.

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2JJ1 Being TOXIC???! omg

hes nice as hecc


also classicat was skied master but i liked to call him skid master

he was skied master back in febuary and changed his name to evade the bad reputation he has for skidding

he said he made a 'obfuscator' but all he did was compile ironbrew to set the variable names to SkiedMasterXen or SecureMehScript

i know its skidded because hes too much of a kid to change the error message that ironbrew throws out LOL


hes extreme toxic and took away some of my rep because he skidded a luau decompiler (i think wrd's logs were cleared bc it wont show up)





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