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@Bones LMAO


@TaxiDriver08 after calling it a btc miner?

20 dollars for some block exploit lmaooo


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Allen wrote an excellent reply of the top available choices. The only real criteria to be looking at here is that the browser is open source and well-maintained, as well as usable. Closed-source browsers are a massive trap when it comes to privacy and security.


My top choices would be:

* Waterfox (Firefox derivative, with massively increased support for extensions - ability to install and run extensions from both the Mozilla Addons site as well as the Google Web Store. On top of that, NPAPI and PPAPI support). Actively maintained, install and use, ability to import passwords from other browsers.

* Ungoogled Chromium (Chromium derivative, with massive cuts in Chromium's Google dependencies, leaving a secure, fast and private browser.). Actively maintained since directly based on Chromium. Harder to install, as developers release no binaries so you have to resort to compiling or using potentially unsafe third party binaries. Setup must be made before you can use Google extensions.

* Brave browser (Chromium-based browser meant to appeal to normies, with integrated tracker and advertisement removal tools). Easy to use, packed with "modern features". Browser settings glow for fingerprinting, integrated Tor configuration unsafe for any proper opsec.

* Librewolf (Firefox derivative with goals to be a completely private, transparent browser with fast updates and top security). Easy to install use, no usability changes, same usage as Firefox. No telemetry at all, fully free software.


To be fair, you don't need a browser specifically for blocking fingerprinting and trackers unless you really look for 100% robust solutions (Which usually aren't needed, usually). Extensions do the trick just fine, that's why I main Waterfox. Massive extension support makes it quite moddable in terms of what you can do with it.

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I recommend Opera GX, Brave.

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Cripfox is the best browser, we don't jack Chrome, opera, K's for every other browser 😒



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bru- i never called it a btc miner.


i said that maybe your brave was infected by a btc miner -_-




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