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Am I able to upgrade the PSU for this prebuilt?

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yes i know, "prebuilt bad scam get good build custom pc!" especially for the one im using but i know nothing about building computers 

so lets cut to the chase

i wanna put a dedicated GPU in my prebuilt (it has enough space) but i need to upgrade my psu if i wanna do it so,
can i possibly put a psu in this? or would it just be a death with waiting to happen

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dms fatty, i'll help you


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yeah you can if you know where to plug the wires 


yeah you can if you know where to plug the wires 




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As long as the power supply fits, and its connections are compatible with the motherboard, I don't see why not. 

I would also look into putting a spare hard drive into the pc for extra storage, or maybe getting extra ram. If you're really dedicated to that build for some reason, a CPU upgrade would be great for long-term usability as i3's are generally left in the dust after a new CPU line is released. 

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Yes ofc, But honestly i don't recommend buying this prebuilt

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