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JJSploit Error

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An interesting thing happened to me earlier.
I joined a game and decided to use some exploits the game allowed me to move to another server for a minigame. I executed the scrippt while it was still loading and I got kicked. Later I tried it in the main server to see if anything might be wrong but then the first problem appeared. The exploit automatically attached even though I wasn't in a roblox game. The next problem was that I couldn't execute the script.


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Coincedence? Nah, Just open Task manager. Search for Roblox, Nor Type it in. Click "End Task" Should Fix the problem. if not, then No clue mate. Some scripts doesn't let free exploits work, if you get me. I haven't gotten that problem forever. 

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If you keep getting kicked bc of "unexpected client behaviour" that probably means your Tash settings are a lil f*cked. I use this to delete the Tash settings letting join games again. It is safe, it's unobfuscated so check if U rlly want.



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Hello I have a problem jjsploit with why when I want to attack a game simply crashes or tells me injection failed for a unknow reason then I do not know if someone could help me with this problem, i uninstall the exploit many times and nothing also disable my antivirus and nothing, thank you if someone could help me.

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