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[SERVICE] Discord Bot Developer for hire!

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Hi, am isaac!, i have 9 months of experience making bots for discord, and i know some programming languages, I know much of JavaScript and others, some of my work is: Web apis, update notifiers for roblox, down detectors, and much more!

I can make the bot you always wanted!, just dm me isaacx#5657 

Payment Methods : Paypal, Nitro (depends of commands)

(Payment goes first). I can also host ur bot with my vps, 2$ per month.


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Vouch, isaacx made me a discord bot for my server, and he's a good person that knows a lot of things, i also seeing how isaac writes code, without pasting anything, own code.

simplydev | UI Designer | c2ltcGx5ZGV2ZWxvcA==#1895

i love u papi maximus <3

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He's a beast at writing code, he's really good.

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