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Replace Windows Defender with BitDefender Free


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Anti-viruses can falsely red-flag files and delete them(E.g. prevents downloading updates). Firewalls can falsely red flag an internet request and block it(E.g. prevents checking for updates). One way or another, anti-malware programs can break exploits. The solution is to disable your protection while you have the exploit.


Except when you're using Window's default protection. When you disable Microsoft Defender, it'll often turn itself back on later. Either through a Windows update or just because some time has passed. With protection turning back on, your exploits will potentially break and you're back in the annoying process of re-installing the exploit.


So if you're using Window's default protection and want to use exploits, I'd recommend switching to a more predictable anti-virus/firewall. The free version of BitDefender is a nice quick solution. Simply installing it will automatically replace the default protection. Once it's installed, you can open BitDefender and reliably disable its protection. Watch out for anti-virus notifications as clicking them can turn protection back on.


If it appears you're still having firewall issues even after installing and disabling BitDefender protection, you likely have an additional firewall on your network. In that case, you also need a VPN. Recommended (FREE) (PAID).




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Windows Security doesnt do much for me other than ping me


good solution Jon

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Windows defender is kinda stupid tbh.


PS: SoftEther VPN is also very good for being a free VPN.


good solution ty Jon


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I believe some exploits have a way to disable windows defender straight from their settings menu.

Might be a good suggestion for JJSploit and the other tools/programs.

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you can also exclude the entire hard drive with windows deffender meaning it would be off.

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Thank you as I hate having to turn off my antivirus every time I start up my computer.

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Yeah, as I know BitDefender is quite good, and it can protect your PC. My friend recommended it. 

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How do I fix this---->every time I try to open the JJS it says this and won't open.



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BitDefender is one of my favorite AVs so I support this idea

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