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Goodbye everyone. Thank you for everything :(

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After a long hard think, I have decided to leave the Roblox Exploiting community. Why you may ask? It comes down to alot of reasons really.

When I joined WeAreDevs in September 2021, I made alot of new friends but also alot of enemies.


Joining this community was a great decision, I have made so many new friends which I am forever grateful for. I learned alot of new skills in the process, and got alot of help in improving in a person.


As many of you may know "Static" is my exploiting project that I have been working on since early August. It started with a skidded UI off RealChronics tutorial, yep. I have spent alot of money on UIs and other items for my exploit which I do not regret doing as I had my own community and made people happy, which at the end of the day is all I really want to do.

I'll be honest. My grades have been slipping alot since i've spent so much time in this community so I want to improve my grades and school work.


I have also realised how toxic/mean I have been to everyone in this community, which is completely unacceptable and I am sorry to anyone who I have hurt with my actions. I can't believe I ruin a kids game too when all they want to do is have fun.

In the future, I plan to continue learning to code and learning new languages in the process. I will work a small bit more on Static as I still have unfinished things with it to do.

If you want to stay in contact with me, feel free to contact me at Illusion#0999, or send me an invite to you're server (I won't join all of them.


Thank you for everything. All of you made a huge impact.

I will try releasing my projects in the mean time!



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So, @illusion during this long time, i'm not going to lie. You did a lot of sh*t. 
You skidded UI, get a lot of "enemies" stole ppl work, beg for rep, snitching on your "friend". 

I'm not going to lie, see you leaving is a good point after all of that's. 


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cya around, I wish a goodluck

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Just yesterday you were arguing with me over how my ban from WHD wasn't justified when you were spamming and posting full on NSFW.


I unbanned and then invited back.


Today, you do the same thing and then wonder why people don't like you? You're posting full on NSFW in a server with teenagers, and that's only the tip of the Ice Burg. Not to mention you also made money off skidded UI's and the only reason you decided to stop working on Static was because of a CW.


I know deep down you're not sorry for anything because actions speak louder than words, and time and time again based off your actions I don't think you have any credibility or sincerity. I'd say goodluck, but ik this is a last ditch effort to save any bit of reputation you have left to release Static again.





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Cool bye 



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forget about all the bad replies
you deserve a kind goodbye.

goodbye my friend, even though we didnt talk much, you still made a good thread about it.



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bro ima be honest, I been waiting for this thread ever since you were banned off we hate discord. And I feel satisfied for some odd reason.


Positive Message bc Rexi's post motivated me to say something nice:


Keep up your grades, have morals, don't act immature and improve.


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Ignore the mean replies, i hope you do well and goodluck :)

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Goodbye I mena what you have done was a bit you know but I belive you have changed with your previous mistakes and if not still I hope you have a happy and good life. Good bye

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