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[REL] Remote Debugging Library


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Hey kiddos, I just decided to make this for fun because I make way too much debuggers from scratch and doing it with a library is a lot cleaner and faster to type out. This can debug both remotes and bindables. Why do we need a debugger, isn't it like a remote spy? Well, yes it does do the same technique a remtote spy would use, but the keyword is "debugger" which means we can modify the arguments while they're being called. This is good for stuff like creating silent aims, because you can spoof the raycast's end position.


This is part of a larger library I'm making to make reversing and making scripts for Roblox easier. Anyways, example-wise, there is a quick example script that I made in about 10 minutes that works as a silent aim for prison life (video of me using it).


Anyways, we start out by including my debugger library (link is subject to change):

local Debug = loadstring(game:HttpGet(""))()

This returns a function. This function accepts two arguments: the remote and the settings. The remote is very self-explainitory, I won't even go over that. The settings are a little more complicated, but here's an overview on how the settings work (refer to my silent aim for an example of using this):

    Caller, -- "Exploit" will hook the call if called by the exploit. "Client" will hook it if called by the client. "Both" or nil will hook if either of them call.
    Callback, -- This function is called before the remote is called natively. Passes params as a table to the function. This function should return void, with an exception if the override setting is true.
    Override, -- If true, it will not call the remote natively and return whatever the callback returns.
    PostCallback -- This function is called on another thread after the remote is called. The call params are passed to the callback, as well as the native call return arguments. This will not be called if override is true, and overwriting arguments here will not do anything.

Ok enjoy skiddos it's open sourced and all I ask is for credit, unless you use this resource to learn.

thanks everyone for rep even though i don't need it lol


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thank u senpaiiiii :DDDDDDDDDDD

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very nice release, vouch!


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Vouch vouch! 

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