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This section is literally dead so I figured I would release something I recently made that's pretty useful.


I couldn't think of a name so I came up with a weird name...

This CLI application is a Lua utility, and at the moment all it can do is bundle a bunch of source files into one main file (very useful when you don't wanna use HttpGet 19000 times which slows down your script). The code isn't great and I'll fix bugs when a friend decides to review my code.


Prerequisites are nodejs and git. The project was made in JavaScript so you'll have to install node. You need git because honeybun gets information from git. (You should be bundling inside of a git repo)


Installation of honeybun after installing prerequisites is really easy, you just do "npm install -g honeybun", then you can use honeybun by typing "honeybun --help" in the command line.


Enjoy...I guess? I made this for personal projects but I can share.

thanks everyone for rep even though i don't need it lol



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this is VERY HOT!




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Sounds mega useful for people who have a script hub based on multiple games and make a lot of loadstrings to check for games, big vouch.


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