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im leaving wrd for a while or forever


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hello everyone. im here to announce im going away from exploiting

i might come back soon or later maybe never

why? because i need to focus on my mental health since its going backwards rapidly

why is this script related? 


it involves my script sharing server being inactive i maybe delete it maybe i dont

i also quit roblox with exploiting i may comeback but i dont know yet

i wish yall luck in life and god bless you ❤
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Sad to see you go, I wish you the best in life may god bless you too


hi :floosed:

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sad 2 see you go, farewell, comrade



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Sad to see you go, good luck out there.

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i hope you have a great life and i hope everything gets better. bye man

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kinda feel the same as you, I think I might leave WRD and move to something else, something bigger like v3rmillion.


ill prob take a break from exploiting as well wait for actual good games to drop on roblox, of course I cant leave exploiting forever, I still have rogue hub under my belt.

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I also feel like quitting I mean the last time I actively played roblox was almost half a year ago

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