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Thoughts on Intel Arc A770?

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What are your thoughts on intel's arc a770? i personally think its the best gpu for the price of 300$


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I don't know what this is


Ok, I know now, I see it's very good, and only for 300$ which is definitely good


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A graphics card from intel? That's not a bad price but you don't get features that NVIDIA and AMD offer.

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Intel making their own GPU. We saw how that went a few years back

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@RealNickk intel says it performs up to 30% better than the rtx 3060 ti in direct x 12 titles

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@ishanjit321 tbh the arc 3 series wasnt very good but i think intel might start making better gpus than nvidia in the future


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Definately a start to normalising gpu prices.

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A770 is actually looking quite cool tbf (Design & Performance)

I doubt the 40 Series that Nvidia is making it going to change anything but performance and FPS because Nvidia's designs is exactly the same

Intel is a way bigger company specializing in Drivers and Processers meaning they have a huge leap over starter GPU Companies and I can see a future for Intel GPU's


As Nvidia has their Mobile Chips also Radeon (AMD) does too

Intel now has Arc Mobile Chips which for sure will be used in maybe some "Mobile" Devices.

A3XX Series was Decent but not very good but it did well as a start!
A7XX Series is def the best currently but is really huge as a GPU, Bigger than some 30 Series from Nvidia


16GB's for one of the Editions i've seen from LTT / Linus is 1 heck amount of RAM tbh

6 - 8GB's is still pretty overkill imo lmao


Performance for at least Regular games is like 60> (60 and Above) scoring a load if it is true



tl;dr Intel Arc will probably be a huge step for intel and cheap GPU's and i see the Intel Arc fairly priced as a GPU

Does have some BOLD claims, Drivers on the other hand is going to be a Huge W as intel does do a load of Performance & Optimization Drivers and some point.

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haha idrc about this


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@crazy_cat nah fam we all bout that DX9 frfr yk that half life shiet  

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$300 is only ever a good deal if it somehow beats the 3060, which it doesn't.


* Neverending driver issues,

* No native DX11 and OpenGL support (driver-level translation layer to DX12),

* Unstable performance per-game - only beats the 3060 in very select situations in DX12 titles.


It's a bad buy unless you're an early-adopter, really love Intel's graphics on Linux/BSD, or your set of games happen to match with the ones the card manages to excel at.

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