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Reputation system introduced and other changes

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I really liked v3rm's idea with their reputation system. I decided to copy it and now WeAreDevs has one. Essentially, the reputation system is what can help provide a first impression of a member. A high positive number may say that x member is well liked (and possibly trusted) among the community. A very low negative number may suggest that the member is a troll and you should deal with them cautiously. Do note that a positive number doesn't mean its impossible for them to be bad and vice versa.

To rate someone, you must go to their profile and click on rate. Patrons and mods can diff 2 (+2 or -2) people, VIPs can diff 1 people. Free members can not rate people as I see it as heavily flawed and possibly spam. Anyone could just create an alternate account to speak negatively on them. The VIP role can only be received on expiration of patronage or by rare handout from me. I do intend on creating a noticed role in which mods have control to hand out. It may have the 1 or 0.5 diff rating perm. Some people can get 'rep tanked' if they have done something toxic. For example, someone trying to bypass minor rules can get them -20 rep.

Rating guidines will come later, but for now, please use common sense! e.g Don't down rate someone for no reason.


Some 'stats' now show on threads, though this was introduced days ago. This feature is pretty much standard on other community forums, so this was bound to come. The stats now displays are

*Posts: How many replies they have on this forum in total; this includes created forums.

*Threads: How many replies they have created on this forum

*Join date: The month and year they have created their account

*Reputation: Explained above


--For those of you with CSS issues, just clear your cache. It should've auto-cleared for the new files about an hour after this post was made.

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