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No. I left the ROBLOX Marketplace.

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link me another p2p site which allows u to exchange cashapp/venmo/paypal/applepay

Created a new thread: - Exchange your Crypto, PayPal, Cashapp & more in minutes! is building the future on how we trade digital currencies online. Whether you're looking to exchange CashApp to Solana, or Bitcoin to PayPal, we want to be the central hub for all of it.


What is

Exchanger is a peer-to-peer exchange marketplace. In minutes you can exchange your crypto to popular payment methods such as PayPal, CashApp, and Zelle or vice versa. With our vetted Exchangers, you're now able to seamlessly exchange your crypto in minutes with a sense of trust.


We look forward to growing our asset offerings to introduce gift cards, items, etc.


How does work?

- You will select an exchange service with an Exchanger

- We will set up a chat between you and the Exchanger

- You will send the payment to the Exchanger

- Exchanger will send the other requested digital asset to you

- Service fees are set up directly by the Exchanger

- You will leave a review of the service with your Exchanger


Will I get scammed?

While we can't directly prevent scams, we've introduced a Trust System and only accept Exchangers with a previous history of trust. Our trust system only allows Level 1 Exchangers to exchange a maximum of $50 per trade and 1 active trade.


What is the average time per exchange?

Exchangers are able to set up their delivery time for when they can accept and handle your exchange. Usually, this may be anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. If an Exchanger is online, this does not particularly mean that they are available for your certain exchange.


Check us out ->


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Proximity will have a comeback unlike never before. Watchout.

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Nobody cares. 

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You can't decompile code that is unreadable, in definition.

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Was removed because we forgot the WeAreDevs branding in our interface. Proximity will be back in a short day or 2.

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I feel that the ability a software has shouldn't be based on the interface itself. Good luck with this project and hopefully you'd find something unique to create.

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Proximity does not have malware, nor would I endorse it.

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Safe but still sh!t

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Nothing new sir. Legit a browser with outlines that change color.

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Hmu on Discord, looking for stats about the CPM and stuffz

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People still use Axon as a base? Surprising, thought there's far more optimised & updated sources out there.

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Can't tell if you're being serious or you're pulling an awful shi*tpost.