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Replied to thread: [Help] What counts as a "good" spec for a laptop?

I have no idea what your budget is, so ill just list laptops with good specs ranging in price. 

On Newegg:

Acer Nitro 5 - AN515-45-R0FN

This laptop has a 144hz 1080p display paired with an RTX 3050Ti. It's not the best card you can buy in a laptop, but it is the most affordable in the GPU shortage. The CPU is a 6 core Ryzen 5 5600h running at 3.30 GHz(4.20 GHz boost) 8Gb of DDR4 3200mhz ram and a 512GB SSD to top it off.

The ram and the SSD are lacking IMO, but for 900$, it's a good bundle for the price as long as you aren't playing games at max 100% of the time. 

I might add more laptops in here later, but id rather not dig around specs and comparisons for another hour rn. 

Replied to thread: Should i spend hundreds out of pocket on an SSD to replace my Hard Drives?

I would not recommend getting a 2TB SSD because of the price, You can easily make a 2TB drive with a raid 0 setup or if your data is important enough, make a raid 1 array. I've reinstalled windows and various Linux distro's because I was impatient and didn't keep a redundant array on hand. 


If the SSD will be used for gaming, consider using a large hard drive (6TB-8TB) and pairing it with an intel optane stick. This will dramatically increase the speed of the drive, as the intel optane stick is like a private cache for the hard drive, storing the most used files on a nvme bus. 

Linus Tech Tips Video On Intel Optane:



6TB Hard Drive:


Intel Optane Cache Drive, 16GB/32GB depending on needs:

These are sold on the 2nd hand market as intel do not make them anymore. They are still sold for a reasonable price, however.



Price watcher's I use for looking at drive prices: - Price watcher for LARGE capacity drives. This site is aimed more at data hoarders with setups in the 100's of TB's. - A more general price watcher. Only scrapes amazon and its regional sites for prices. Can sort by drive capacity and type.

Replied to thread: paste your clipboard


Edit: This is a code for a Roblox free item. 

Replied to thread: So, how are things in the WRD Community since I was gone for 2018/2019?

It's 2 am for me so I'm prob forgetting things but:


Aquatic, Finnish and dark got unbanned


Comp left and came back


Killer left


Beve came back


Stuff fun said

Replied to thread: [HELP] Whats missing from this pc?

Intel CPU's have an integrated graphics card in them, so one is not needed to output a display. 

What exactly is the computer blinking when you turn it on? Include long and short blinks and google your computer model and the blink pattern. 

Replied to thread: Code Ideas + Website



vim master race.


But yes, this would be a good challenge for someone who wants to test themselves in programming. 

Replied to thread: What is NTP servers for? and is it better to have more?

The only reason I've changed my NTP server is to adjust my Linux server's time if it was wrong. It's not really something the average user or even a power user would ever need to touch. 

Replied to thread: [HELP] Keyboard not working



wym stable? Windows 10 has never crashed for me unless I'm doing modifications to it. 

Replied to thread: [HELP] Keyboard not working

Windows 11 is in beta so there are bugs to be expected. Look into keyboard drivers and if others have had issues simaler on windows 11. Also, "sometimes not works." seems legit...

Replied to thread: [HELP] Roblox FPS locked at 1



Press CTRL + shift + ESC, expand task manager if you haven't already, and click the startup tab. Turn off anything you don't need or want. 

Replied to thread: [HELP] Disk Checking

Check your bios is booting off your hard drive/ssd, it sounds like your laptop is trying a network boot or is booting from a USB. 

Replied to thread: [Linux] Top 5 best linux distros you should try

Ubuntu has spyware aspects built into it as said by Richard Stallman:


I would recommend some other derivative of Ubuntu like Peppermint os, Elementary OS, Pop!_OS, or barebones Debian. 


Kali shouldn't be used by everyone, Nuff said. 


Manjaro is an iffy distro as it includes software already bundled in the base install again in some desktop environments:

Replied to thread: Texas mod name origin



I mean, op did dig up the character and decide to make a thread...

Replied to thread: Texas mod name origin

So yall never reverse image searched his multiple pfp's?

Replied to thread: Rate my Website [Be Critical as Possible]

Both designs look good. You can probably do some freelance website development or design. The client should be the one making the calls for what design aspects you implement, so as long as you know how to implement what they want, I think you'll do fine.