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Can you point me to where the devs say that? I can't find it anywhere on the website, or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. 

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@LONG Calamari looks like it's for windows and macOS, the op is asking about ios, so I'm assuming is wanting something for iPhones, not PCs. 

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Ios is locked down hard. It's super hard to find exploits for ios as an operating system, so much so that 0days are sold for thousands every time they are found. Maybe someone who has a background in jailbreak development could look into it however, I don't know if memory editing is posable on ios anyway. 

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I'm more active on the discord but come to forums once and a while. 

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A lot of the older users aren't picking sides, including me. I don't care for the drama and never looked into it.

Created a new thread: User submitted blog posts.

The blog is kinda dead, and that's fine as 2jj1 is making improvements to the site. I'm suggesting that people submit blog topics/entire posts to 2jj1 and he would review them. If they are up to par with his standards, he would upload them to the page. This would keep it active and give it a purpose while still allowing for 2jj1 to do his own thing. I don't have a proper submission system to suggest, but an email or sub-forum would be an easy way to do this. (A sub-forum would also allow people to review the post before 2jj1 sees It, allowing them to iron out errors.)

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Replied to thread: [REQ] Any ideas on how to unblock games at school with a proxy?

Here are some options you have:

1. Use tor on Chromebook.


2. Host your own VPN/proxy at home, port forward and connect to it.


3. Say "screw the I.T. guy" and turn on developer mode, from there you can do stuff like a Linux machine.


4. If its flash games you're trying to play, get the .swf files at home, drop them onto a USB and play them from the browser.

(have never tried this, but I assume it would work as chrome can play .swf files without issue on normal Windows 10.)

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Despite what the other people say, I'm willing to hear you out. Do you have any proof of the xbox claim? A video would be perfect for this, but a screen shot would also help to prove your claim. 

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LOL, r u trying to be a Smart Alec!? XD

Address the points, not the person. This is called Ad-Hominem.



Okay, I agree. If your friend doesn't play Roblox though, maybe consider. If not, just buy a Virtual Private Server and use that. No Tracking!

Are we looking for free options or paid ones? if paid, then a VPN would do just fine. I still don't know what paid VPN provider is slower then Tor, Provide an example. 


I doubt you will get IP banned that many times a month. If you are doing that, just wow

If we're assuming this hypothetical person who is getting IP banned is in school, they would be playing for around 2-3 hours a day. For a person to do 14-21 hours a week, 5 accounts is a decent month. one or two accounts is a very small amount if at all. 


I'm pretty sure I said something like that at the bottom of the first thread's post.

That's mac address cloning on your pc, I'm referring to mac address cloning on your router to change your IP address. 


Roblox requires 2mbps to run decently so yeah. (I have 20-50mbps on the internet at my house.)


Tor doesn't care what your internet speed is unless its slower than a sloth. The only time that it is going to matter is when your network and the first hop are communicating. The rest of the nodes have there own speeds that vary from yours, and the end node has its own speed as well. The encryption also takes time, as its unencrypted 3 times forward and 3 times backward. In the image provided, these flaws in speed show with the ping of the speed test, 600 ms. (this also assumes that Roblox doesn't filter Tor connections in the first place.)


You're saying getting out and getting oxygen is bad for you?

My nearest library is over 3 miles away, at a walking pace that's around 30 minutes. A forwards and backward trip is 1 hour, on top of a busy day. Using the hypothetical person I used earlier, that's 4 hours of time just to go to a library, play Roblox and go back home. Do that every day that you want to play and it's painstakingly annoying compared to just getting a VPN for 6$. (Also, if the libraries' IP gets banned, you need to switch libraries. This applies to anywhere that has free wifi. This also doesn't take into consideration that the IP might have already been banned before you used it.) 


There's always remote desktop and emulation. You can cheat on Android, although Android cheating is nothing anybody wants to go into. 

Remote desktop off of what? If you don't own your own laptop, you won't have the proper permissions to even use remote desktop. On a borrowed computer like at a library, features are removed for privacy concerns. Hosting an RDP connection requires you to have windows pro edition, and you need to port forward the default port to even connect. If you're using something like TeamViewer, you cant install it into a pc that you don't own because it's locked down. If you already have a laptop, then this point is moot and doesn't matter. I'm not too sure how to cheat on android, and I'm not too sure if it's even worth it from what you've said.


I'm pretty sure. is Roblox's crash dumpsite. All of your exploits' crashed data go there if your exploit crashes. That probably will include your data packets that are sent, yes. 

If Roblox looked at your mac address, what are they going to do with it? They have never banned mac addresses before (for reasons I will address in a sec) and even if they for some reason did, you aren't using your physical mac address, you can change this if you are banned. 



Also, this is a bit of a strawman:

IF rob







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ik, but I'm bored af rn.

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>Go to your friend's house and get banned there LOL.


kinda a douche move cuz your friend might get his account banned, also inconvenient because you go to a physical location to bypass an IP ban.


>Have a friend in another house host a VPN server (I would use OpenVPN and Linux).


largely dependent on your friend's upload speed, also risks your friend getting his account banned. your friend also needs to keep a pc on 24/7 or however long you're on. You also need to tell him to turn on his VPN server if he doesn't host it 24/7.


>Ask your ISP to change your IP every time you get IP banned.


ISP would get kinda sus if you called 5 times in a month to change an IP, also mac address cloning is a thing...


>Use TOR VPN. (Anonymous Encrypted VPN)


How is this slower than a paid VPN? Tor is the embodiment of speed vs privacy, its the slowest option if you want to mask an IP. Also, how can you expect to play Roblox over tor? Online games need a stable fast connection to talk with the server, Tor is the slowest option for this. 


>Go somewhere that's dedicated to have free WiFi and bring your computer.

The same issue with going to someone's house, your physically going somewhere to play Roblox. This takes the fun out of it, cuz you need to get up and walk to a cafe or library to go play. 


>Go to the nearest fast food restaurant and sit in ur car playing off of their IP address LOL.

Bruh, this is literally the same point that you made 2 times. Also, what if you have a desktop? 


>Deal with it and if you're banned, you're banned.

There are countless ways to get around being banned. They range from blocking Roblox's logs to getting a VPN.


>Don't forget to use anti-ban and change your mac address/HWID XD.


Does Roblox use packet inspection or something...? 

Replied to thread: On the topic of VPN'S

@ogredale Tl:dr, the only way to be 100% anonymous is to get off the web, always wear a mask in public, frequently change identities and always buy in cash.

Replied to thread: Let us rate people's reputation

@classiccat Because mass rep fuqing someone is a thing.

Replied to thread: On the topic of VPN'S

The last option that in can think of right now is to just buy a VPN service outright. This minimizes the threat of logging but keep in mind, anyone could be looking at your data, even if the provider says they don't log. Lots of VPN names have been thrown around as the "best" but trusting someone's option without at least some reasoning behind it is not a good idea. Googling "best VPN" also yields similar results, articles can be swayed by money, which large VPN providers have. If you see the same copy paste lists on big corporate news articles, there is a chance that the list is being paid for. A trusted VPN comparison chart is published by "That One Privacy Guy" and also updated by him/her. This list has been cited as one of/if not the most unbias comparison to date. It contains most if not all VPN providers and is categorized into simple columns for easy viewing.

This list allows anyone to search for a specific feature that a VPN has and lets you compare with other providers. While I said before that you should not trust what a random person behind a keyboard recommends, I do promote a specific VPN when I get asked about this topic. Mullvad VPN has some of the best features I've seen for a VPN provider and scores high on the list I previously talked about. I am not saying Mullvad is the best VPN out, nor is that what I'm trying to say, I am just including somewhere to start your search on paid VPNs. I encourage anyone who is interested in this topic to look online for yourself before handing over money for a faulty/insecure service.

This is not a foolproof writeup on VPN's and their alternatives. At the end of the day, I am not a certified professional on this topic, and despite what others might say, I am not claiming to be. Internet privacy is not something a person can just explain to you fully in a random thread, however you literally have the world's biggest library at your disposal to research from. A person cannot tell you what is best, with the fast growth of technology, how dependent we are of it, and human greed, our online privacy is being violated every day with or without our consent. The best way to combat this is to stay informed on this topic and do your own research on it, and not beliving you hear along the way.

Stay Safe


(Note: This thread is 1,328 words long, I literally did not expect to write an essay on this topic but it is what it is.)