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Replied to thread: OperaGX - A browser for GAMING?!?!?!?!?!

@Hectiqueproxy isnt a vpn



Replied to thread: It was nice having me here, but it's time for me to go.

wish u godspeed with your new game


also come by every once in a while to say hi


Replied to thread: None of my Executors/injectors will inject

your anti virus prob turned on after restart

Replied to thread: jjsploit not working at all

@robert762so it says it patched


on both classic and beta?

Replied to thread: some exploits break scripts

script prob just got patched

Replied to thread: Thread being removed glitch?

yea happens to me



Replied to thread: Im sirhurt staff now

even if wrd partnerned with sirhurt


we prob get spammed with entitled kids saying to buy sirhurt 

Replied to thread: JJsploit Broken

@whyamihated1118gb of ram is not expensive nor good


whats your anti virus 

Replied to thread: JJsploit Broken

@Nexus42berh do u want neg rep or what 


stop advertising

final warning 


the moment when u dont use the same UI for rewrite



Replied to thread: Multi rblx doesnt work

are u using windows 10 or 7

Replied to thread: How should rep be moderated

@ZaphireHacksissue with having it "based on behavior like if they are toxic and stuff" is that it can be very judgmental


so its very hard to moderate reps like that


Created a new thread: How should rep be moderated

Currently, the rep rules on wrd rn is very vague


and I've been trying different things to see how they work

rn I'm loosely following v3rmillion's way of doing it


autho I don't feel that's the best system

so I'm asking u guys if u have any other recommendations on how rep should be moderated, 

Replied to thread: Laxify or Embed?

cant use laxify


thats already been used before