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Replied to thread: I think I understand why I keep having panic attacks

@SeizureSaladbold of you to assume redditors have met a woman

Replied to thread: [Question] Whats The Best Linux Distro?

if u count uinx go run macos

Replied to thread: [I need your opinion] Should I pre-order iPhone 14?

iphone 14 still uses the usb 2.0 protocol (lightning cable)

Replied to thread: Queen Elizabeth II Died

May her majesty rest in peace.

Replied to thread: YOU GUYS need to MAKE A MOVE



for me life stuff

I am still kinda active tho, but mostly just lurking and managing appeals

Replied to thread: Is BetterDiscord safe?

Yes it's against discord tos


But most people along with discord don't really care


I haven't had discord reach out to me for using it along with using allicord

Replied to thread: Are these PC parts good?

not sure if this post was later edited with the parts, but that case sucks as the power supply will block CPU cooling (assuming your using the stock air cooler)

Replied to thread: do people even remember the older games?

dont see mad murder or mad paintball smh


very based list

Replied to thread: Joke of a mod

As real nick stated, you did not provide a source or explanation to "being a butthole". Which is why I deleted the rep and messaged you with a heads up.


You are free to state your opnions on rep as long as it is "accompanied by a good reason". I did not see some sort of link or image with your rep.


Your definition of rep is not what the site's definition of rep, please read the guidelines along with the reputation guidelines thread again before leaving a rep on a user. Thanks

Created a new thread: Reputation Guidelines

These are a detailed Guidelines on how moderators currently moderate Reputation  
Moderator Reps will be disngunstoable by a [MOD] tag or a link to the appeals server


1. Reputation is a system used on the community to help gain the validity of a member.

2. Positive reputation must represent your positive opinion of the member

3. Negative reputation must represent your negative opinion of the member

  • Negative reputation must be accompanied by good reason
    • A soruce must be provided (ie: image, link, or explination)
  • Don't negative rep someone just because they disagree with your opinion
    • As long as relevant soruce are provided, the rep will be valid
  • No payback reputation
    • Moderator's discretion
  • Unless truly deserving, do not participate in negative bulk repping a member
    • Moderator's discretion

4. Do not give reputation to yourself with an alt

  • Users are allowed to buy Premium for other users and they can +rep the person that bought them Premium
    • Moderator's discretion if we see abuse
  • These users can also neg rep people as long as they follow the Negative reputation rules above

5. Do not ask others for reputation (Including rep for rep trades)

  • Moderator's discretion

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to make a thread or a ticket in our appeals discord

Replied to thread: Looking for a 3rd person aimbot with an offset

there is a 3 day cool down for bumping/reposting a script request, do not repost in other subforums or bump constantly


failure to follow these guidelines will results in your account being blocked from posting and threads/replies

Replied to thread: Are these PC parts good?

The radon graphics will be fine for what your doing and even light gaming such as csgo, as long as you turn down the settings


You never said you'll be doing some heavy gaming so you do not need a gpu if you do not plan to use it

Replied to thread: Got a commercial product you'd like to be free? Leave it in the replies!

fyi cant be posting cracks or jon gets a dmca strike

yes that has happened

Replied to thread: Why is icepools a free man after everything he's done?

Had to remove s e x ual and shlt for above ^

Also if you see bribing, please send evdieance either through my direct messages here or discord. Thanks!