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Replied to thread: Warning | Kiwi X Logging IPs

the only issue I see with this is if kiwi logs ips and doesn't securely store them

what other information that they may be logging and insecurely storing....


IPs don't really reveal much and assuming that none of the IPs have any metadata or in fact, any data that would link identifying users makes it almost useless

The only use that these IP may be used maliciously is some verfag and his friends start to DDoS ever single IP on that list because they are "kool"


"These ips could be used with malicious intent,"
name me one other way they can be used with 
malicious intent


Replied to thread: stop banwave threads

yes x2


le bing annoying 

Replied to thread: ight can a mod or somthin get jon to remove kiwi x off wrd?

Already contacted him, but Jon is busy with life rn

(and thats as much info as i can give :/)


hopefully, this provides at least some closure as ive been fairly silently for the past few weeks e 

Replied to thread: 2JJ1 read the description

@2JJ1check discord if u havent e 

Replied to thread: guess whos backkkk

shoulda named it stadia

Replied to thread: [Idea] Archive "Topic"

Mods can "archive" threads 

aka remove them so they cant be seen publicly, but can still be accessed if you have a link

Replied to thread: Which one is better? macOS, Windows, or Linux



cuz legit 90% of the world uses windows and most applications I have work best with windows 

Replied to thread: use jjsploit or krnl

krnl got gayy key tho

Replied to thread: WeAreDevs September 28 2019 Looked like

gotta go farther back

days of laxify hjews and global chat are where its at 

Replied to thread: People who think Nihon should be on WeAreDevs Exploit Page Please Vote

@SentroXno that's not how it works

just cuz your trusted wont get u in


also u have more nos than yes

Replied to thread: Shibe is HTML-The Truth is out

@Shibebump bad


@Goooglekek wrong ping

Replied to thread: Shibe is HTML-The Truth is out

@Shibebump bad

cuz it against rules

Created a new thread: (Rant) y do people care what UI looks like

I mean why, an exploit is just suppose to run scripts, I don't see why you want some "original" UI or something "unique"

don't know why people are hating on each other cuz "u copied synapse UI or photosmasher ui”


Cuz to me they just look like the same exact thing

Just a box with a place to paste some scripts

And whenever I see a reply be like “ui trash” or “ui a copy”
Im like why do you care about the UI, it doesn't decide on what scripts its going to run


Exploit development should be focused on the dll, as that is the main attraction of it, no point in having a super epik ui if it cant run a print script


I can care less about what the ui looks like, as long as it can run scripts im happy


Dont expect these rants to be common, this is just the one of the few thing that annoys me

Replied to thread: Stop with the stupid exposes -_-

my opinion on exposes is that if done correctly, they can bring light to shady things people may be doing

which forces people not to do shady things e


autho 90% of the expose are people slapping each other with no real meaning 

too lazy to actually filter or ask other mods to filter out what is a good expose and what isn't cuz:

a) it blocks people of there free speech and having them be nonbias is basically a nonhuman trait

b) too much work considering how many threads people like to ejaculate at each other being posted


atm the current handling of these threads are fine to me

aka yeeting them to the depths of hell disputes

and just don't look there

Replied to thread: JJsploit not updating.