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Replied to thread: 3 Months Left before I officially leave Exploit Community

ill keep the fight up against wonderx86 :salute:


its been an honor 

Replied to thread: I'm a little paranoid about what Roblox could do with our IP addresses


make sure your modem is dhcp

Replied to thread: why is everyone just leaving

if yall havent rlly noticed I havent been as "active" as ive been when I started (mostly cuz of life things)

On the bright side I currently dont have any plans of leaving as I still do lots of things in the background (lurking go brr), although Ive havent been posting a lot like I use too.

Replied to thread: why is everyone just leaving

seems like people just moving on in life

people come and people go, ive been here bassiclly since the forums started and ive seen tons of people and exploits come through here


idk if id say this play is "dying" its been pretty small since the 4-5 years ive been here.
Maybe the people who were active when you joined are now leaving so I dont blame you for seeing this place is dying


but it is what it is :glorg:

Replied to thread: ( Meme ) - WeAreDevs Slander Meme #10

sage last one

Replied to thread: Let's say I've been gone from WRD and exploiting as a whole for about like 7 months now.

ayy been awhile since i last saw u


uhh in terms of moderation guess moon immunielion and recently sirweeb has gotten mod

Created a new thread: Information about rep times, appeal guidelines

[4/7/21 - Last update]


(*) Linear reputation assignment. 

If offense is minimal or non-serious, take a linear path of:

(-1) -> (-2) -> (-10) or (-2) -> (-10)

If the offense is serious, go for a (-10) as soon as you can.

If you need to stack -10s or -2s, let other moderators know.


(*) Memory rule

Failure to refrain from breaking rules within 2 weeks after having all negative reputation (less than -10) removed will lead to a complete mute (Base reputation of user set to -20 or lower, preventing them from making posts) without an expiry timer, only a choice to appeal.


(*) Appeals and their management.

All moderator-assigned reputations should be appealable unless there is a serious issue that makes it permanent.

If the issue is low grade and the appeal ensures that the issue is a misunderstanding, is invalid or that it will certainly not happen again, then you can immediately remove the reputation.

If the issue is higher grade, appeals can only be effectively removed if they are confirmed to be invalid or a misunderstanding. For the factor of "sorry", the reputation holding time may only be shortened allowing for other moderators to come to a conclusion about it.


(*) Reputation expiry

Unless part of a medium-serious issue in which case only appeals are allowed, all reputations handed out by moderators should expire after a certain amount of time. 


(-1): 1-3 days (Moderator must choose on creation of card)

(-2): 2-5 days (Moderator must choose on creation of card)

(-10): 5-7 days (Moderator must choose on creation of card)

These are just suggested times and will differ between cases

-Funtimes 6/17/2022


If you would like to appeal privately or more quickly, please join the discord below and make a ticket.


Replied to thread: When are u guys fixing jjsploit????

@kingmann54well we dont make/mantain jjsploit so we have nothing to communicate

Replied to thread: Congrats SirWeeb!

Took jon a month to get u added smhsmh


anyways congrats 

Replied to thread: Im Sorry For My Recent Actions made

just going to give yall a heads up

since his main account was banned by jon, he needs to go thru jon to get an appeal


so until then neg rep go brr

Replied to thread: is proxo safe in 2022?

proxo has an intresting history, use to be on the site but since has been removed due to managment issues/jon


i dont think its a rat but it does do some sus things

Replied to thread: Yo wassup, first post



Replied to thread: I finally got my new Pc

for 200 bucks thats pretty decent


I do recommend just getting a better cpu, but that would mean new mobo/ram if you get somthing super modern


Replied to thread: WeAreDevs Slander Meme #6

lol surprised aqua (texas) is in there 

Replied to thread: Win 7 To Win 10

ah yes windows 10 from some random site 100% no virus