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My title is a half joke


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Replied to thread: Editing threads

You have a 10 minute window to edit the title and correct typos. Any longer is disabled to prevent people from randomly completely changing the point of the thread and weaponizing context from replies.


Like if a thread is popular and actually educative. Would suck if one day the OP got paid to change it to an advertisement.

Replied to thread: Is there a reason jjsploit is not build in .net?

A .net alternative is in the making. No ETA for release though

Replied to thread: Bye guys! Leaving from the community.

Have fun with your life! Learn many things

Replied to thread: Roblox keeps kicking me out with error 268

Try running Nihon to clear up the error

Replied to thread: Wearedevs API Inject Problem

@robergem It is updated now

Replied to thread: Wearedevs API Inject Problem

Its temporarily broken. Please wait while the fix is worked on. It will take longer than usual due to complications

Replied to thread: Someone had modified my reputation saying I was an "alt" What does this mean?

It appears that you've made an account with WRD before. Your last account has negative reputation. Creating a new account for a fresh start is viewed as evasion, which is frowned upon

Replied to thread: is backs!?!? omg!?!?


Replied to thread: VS 2019 or 2022?

I always go for the latest version

Replied to thread: Misaligned Thread Authors

Yeah mb. I accidentally set it to display the latest replier's info.

Replied to thread: Anti-DDoS doesn't let me go through

Mind showing an example with Gyazo?

Replied to thread: JJS Problem

I tested it yesterday and it seems to work as expected

Replied to thread: WeAreDying

The forum is not dying at all. It never was very popular, but activity is higher than ever with new posts every few minutes. Analytics shows traffic is fairly leveled. Not so much growing, but definitely not falling. I've actually been excited about this activity growth so I'm a little shocked to see so many think its dying.

So long as WRD exploits doesn't die, I don't think the forum will die. People will have problems and this is the only offered semi-official place of support. 

Maybe what you see is it's just a different place. Much less frequent innovation. I think that can be explained by anti-cheat and other recent engine changes massively raising the barrier for entry. Now only a few people are capable of developing without an API.

I would agree that activity per person has dropped, but not the forum overall.

Replied to thread: uhh where has the css gone?

I updated the server layout. There were unexpected complications. Its back to normal now

Replied to thread: {Bug} Inyector broken

Its working on my end. What version are you on and do you have VC++ installed?