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Replied to thread: Hectique is back, baby!

Welcome back :D

Replied to thread: Random Link Opener

@SirWeeb Whoops

Replied to thread: No reply or Mention option in threads

Sorry, fixed it. Thanks for the report

Replied to thread: How do I buy junior for wearedevs remove watermark thing?

Junior does not remove the WRD API watermark. Junior is basically a monthly donation for forum efforts which incentivizes a few small perks


The page is currently hidden so only people who try to use their features will find it. Like if you try to rep someone, you should be prompted with upgrade information

Replied to thread: JJSploit doesn't download after using the setup.

Odd. I'm not sure what the issue could be. Maybe the uninstaller corrupted midway when you last removed JJSploit. I'd try using CCleaner to fix the registry

Replied to thread: Weird Outline glitch on jjsploit

Mind sharing a screenshot?

Replied to thread: idk what this is

Be sure beta mode is off

Replied to thread: Window is searching jjsploit.exe to locate yourself click browse

Something is deleting JJSploit after you install it. I bet its an anti-virus falsely flagging JJSploit's install location

Replied to thread: WeAreDevs at Work Episode 3 & 4 [ I'm gonna continue make it ]

Embedded mp4 just for this series

Replied to thread: Turn the Delete and Like button into a box

Went for a red X instead because I like the plain menu. Hope that looks better

Replied to thread: Has the color picker option been removed?

Some people were abusing custom colors. E.g. making text color the same as the container's background color, which made text appear invisible. A quick solution was to limit to common colors which display fine on either theme.

Replied to thread: Threads in hangout still say wrd_discussion in thread list of profile.

I've corrected the display name. Thank you for the report. No worries for however many you post. They've often helped me so much. If ever spammy, I'd probably hide posts after dealing with them

Replied to thread: X when viewing your replies on your profile.

Breh. For quick testing in development I temp removed confirm delete prompt. Returned it before pushing the update, but my sleepy self accidentally used the alert prompt. Should be good now. Thanks!


Also thank you for pointing out that the loaded rows were not including the delete button. They include them now. 

Replied to thread: something sus about the wearedevs logo

LOL. I was very obessed with Monster at the time. Used their concept of a tear. Redbull these days though.