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Replied to thread: Reply Counter Bug (REPOST)

Damn its because of an update I did many months ago. Even the thread counter was inaccurate, but nowhere near as dramatic. Can't believe I never noticed this. I've fixed the issue. Thank you so much for the report!

Replied to thread: Green dot next to username??


Replied to thread: Notifcation icon not centered on mobile

The bell centering has been fixed for the messages page. Thank you for reporting the bug

Replied to thread: Notifcation icon not centered on mobile

On Safari and Chrome's mobile sim, I see it centered just fine. Do you have any more specific instructions to replicate this bug?

Nevermind, I see it happens on certain pages. Like the messages page

Replied to thread: Last Seen Feature

Done. Online users will also have a green icon next to their name on threads. Users are deemed online if they're active in the past 15 minutes.

Replied to thread: JJsploit havn't seen fixes since July 27?

I tested JJSploit yesterday and saw it is working fine

Replied to thread: the JJSploit + Infinite Jump method no longer works :(

Worked for me just fine a couple minutes ago

Replied to thread: Immune's 2022 Massacre

I've been got

Replied to thread: filter the goddamn usernames

Usernames now use the same filter as posts. Thanks for the suggestion

Replied to thread: Editing threads

You have a 10 minute window to edit the title and correct typos. Any longer is disabled to prevent people from randomly completely changing the point of the thread and weaponizing context from replies.


Like if a thread is popular and actually educative. Would suck if one day the OP got paid to change it to an advertisement.

Replied to thread: Is there a reason jjsploit is not build in .net?

A .net alternative is in the making. No ETA for release though

Replied to thread: Bye guys! Leaving from the community.

Have fun with your life! Learn many things

Replied to thread: Roblox keeps kicking me out with error 268

Try running Nihon to clear up the error

Replied to thread: Wearedevs API Inject Problem

@robergem It is updated now