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I'm Blue, Da. Ba. Dee. - Who's site is this? Seems bugged asf.


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Replied to thread: Bruh help (PF Script)

I'm an boomer man aha. And damn.

Replied to thread: Bruh help (PF Script)

Hmmm, should work man. Delete BIN from the synapse folder and try again.

Replied to thread: Bruh help (PF Script)

What exploit are you using? 

Replied to thread: [HELP] I need s^x for robux

I can buy it for you and you give me the robux.

Replied to thread: Cattoware, not by me.

@notspoorloosoi mate, what's your discord server? It got deleted again mate.

Replied to thread: excuse me what

@Xero Jon your bonehead. 

Replied to thread: Nav bar is glitched

Will be fixed when 2JJ1 wakes up. Chill.

Replied to thread: Something deletes my wearedevs dll from jjsploit how to see what does it

Bruh, don't download crack stuff mate. Basically stuffed up your PC. 

Get a USB more than 8GB and download this.

Replied to thread: The notification and user bar is glitched

Bully me if ya want. but I actually like this for some reason. 

Replied to thread: [Kinda CW] Whitewasreborn - the most hated person in this community

Man, the amount of braincells I'm losing with those CW's are getting out of hand.

Created a new thread: So. I wanna get back into making an exploit again. (Not very good at it rofl.)

So. The title basically says it all. 

I used to have a exploit named. "SenTex" with my mate. Kyron back in 2019. We had partnered with impact. (Somehow.) But none of that useless info. 

I want to remake SenText as SenTextS. But again, I don't really know any coding anymore. Do you mates reckon I should get back into coding. I want to become a coder again just to revive SenText. 

How long will it take me to learn C++ or whatever haha.

Replied to thread: [REQ] Adopt and Raise Cash

When you want roblox girls in adopt and raise. :sheesh:

Replied to thread: Murder Mystery 2

Bruh, just make you own one. ez.

Replied to thread: if new to Exploiting.

@iCyphyChicn protein salad, Grrrr. Too much protein. 

Going to become the Rock.

Replied to thread: Fix Unexpected Client Behavior kick fast!

Really? I thought it does. Never really got the whole error haha. Normally fixes itself when I end it with task manager.