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Replied to thread: Sentro New Update-Please Rate the UI!


This is a bad UI, too round, features don't seem pleasant. Please try again, put the whole UI in the recycle bin and make a new exploit.

And PLEASE stop using youtube tutorials, this is blatantly pasted, stop kthx

Replied to thread: How to mod axon source


brainlet poggers moment pls dont say that, they shouldn't even be touching axon. Start by learning the basics of how game hacking works. I'm afraid to say if you can't start with AssaultCube, try Among us. Among us is really easy, and if you can't make a cheat for among us, just quit.

Remember: C++, CE and IDA are your best friends.

Replied to thread: [Question] How do you obfuscate c++ code

@AIpha Wrong. I think you're mistaken, IDA itself is a disassembler, yes. But a Decompiler uses machine learning (Sort of) to predict what the code theoretically should be, thus resulting in it reading assembly as well as metadata to put together this thing we call pseudocode. And that's a very watered down example.

Replied to thread: [Question] How do you obfuscate c++ code

@davidTube Decompiling it isn't the problem, reading it is.

Replied to thread: Please rate my Thread Design

Amazing job! You're scintillating at graphics design.

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] ✨🔥ACRID🔥✨


it's awful, it shouldn't even exist

Replied to thread: Would you like to see Fluxus return to WRD?

I don't think Jon would be happy with the fact you left him for Filter, and then came back when you realized Filter's site is dead.

But other than that, it would be cool to see Fluxus back on the front page.

Replied to thread: Ability to rep at 2000 post part 2





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Replied to thread: Embed bot is finally here!


Content length must be 10-5000 chars

Created a new thread: The Battle Between Themida and VMP

Themida better imo

Replied to thread: Defending Nexus42 from Token-Logging allegations.

any1 that did simple reversing should know wine isn't a token logger

Replied to thread: Need free executor no key


It will have 3 more DLLs.

It's going to be worth the keysystem!

Replied to thread: Need free executor no key

Coco Z is a great option, just go to the front page and download it!

Replied to thread: Does level 7's executors still exist!?| Is Synapse still a level 7!?


Level 8 is actually still here. Go into IDA, (Assuming you rebased and took memory snapshot), and do this

ContextLevel - "%s is not a scriptable property." - Pseudocode if (var) only sub with no args. You'll see v8, that implies the max level is 8.