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Replied to thread: Updated Attack on Titan Last Breath Script [HBE, AUTOFARM, Infinite Gas, FAST Mode]

you shouldve added more parantheses so it executes faster

Replied to thread: Dresden, Germany [0.48] INF Money Script


i alreadys ee a few issues

local even = game.service(gam,'ReplicatedStorage").events
local a = true
local toggle = (false)
local tog = a
while ((not toggle) and (true)) or (tog) do
if ((not toggle) and (not false)) then
for i = (1,1.2,0.001) do
	game:service"ReplicatedStorage("2020 Wolfsburg Passat Police"")

Replied to thread: [HELP] need help figuring out whats wrong with my script


read what i said after

Replied to thread: [HELP] need help figuring out whats wrong with my script

so you just took my script and attempted to hide the fact or something? ( "made" by him)

why did you change table, r to table.r 

+ what are you even trying to do

you removed the r in task.wait to 0 -- literally does nothing (you couldnt just changed 1 in function parm but ok)


atleast take the effort in understanding the code



+ me when toggled = not toggled (the code is bad overall, it doesnt even matter)




+ an attempt at for i = 1, 5000 in a while loop + placing the function in the loop


+ the whole code is an absolute mess you tried to do script.Parent while executing in synapse ( and whats with the click detector thing anyways?)

i cant even list anything wrong with this script anymore since i have a headache and cant even bother

"whats wrong with my script"


please be a sh*tpost

(sorry if i came off too harsh, having a bad day)

Replied to thread: What is/was your school lunch like?

my old school used to have a cafeteria

now not

i only ate some sandwich i just remember it being very good

good enough i ordered it everyday

Replied to thread: [Free Script] Murder Mystery A | ESP, Kill All, Get Revolver, and MORE!

nice script + unobf

plz use hookmetamethod

Replied to thread: hallos i am baks

caught uploading to onlyfans

Replied to thread: [EDITED] Anti IP Logger

me when :HttpGet


Replied to thread: light mode or dark mode

dark mode

i normally have everything on darkmode

Replied to thread: Thoughts on Roblox's new logo?

i wonder who stretched roblox's hole

Replied to thread: What's your favorite type of ice cream?

clotted cream icecream with ashta

Replied to thread: [Universal] DaBaby ESP (LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO)

vouch can confirm that my kdr in phantom forces increased to 5.3 after using this

Replied to thread: Universal Aimbot (Free)



didnt you just use linoria lib