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Decent at C# and Lua. I use WinForms. Currently developing Draco.


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Replied to thread: How do u make a themes option

I've made themes, but I'm not sure if it's the most efficient way (probably not). So here's my way of doing it:

I store every form control in a separate class for organization. When I store them, I store them as arrays for each type of control (e.g. Button, Panel, etc). I then use a foreach loop (for loop for arrays) to then color the controls for a specific theme.


You can make a function to color those objects if you want, but it depends on what you plan on changing within a theme.

For example, you can do the code below for coloring buttons, backcolor, border, listbox, and textbox (I never tested how webbrowser colors work with Monaco):


(Code for the actual coloring takes around 5 minutes if you know how foreach loops work as it's really simple, example below)

This loop loops around an array and loops to the next index's value.


foreach (indexType indexName, arrayName) { //Each time the code below runs, the next index value for the array runs (e.g. [0] to [1])

    MessageBox.Show(indexName + " was found"); //The indexType is usually either a variable or the array's type (String for example)




Color buttons = Color.FromArgb(int1, int2, int3);

Color backColor = Color.FromArgb(int1, int2, int3);

Color border = Color.FromArgb(int1, int2, int3);

Color listBox = Color.FromArgb(int1, int2, int3);

Color textBox = Color.FromArgb(int1, int2, int3)


nameOfFunction(buttons, backColor, border, listBox, textBox); //Colors all of the stuff using these colors in each foreach loop


You can then use that function with another function if you want within a single function for changing themes.


void functionName(int theme) {

    Color buttons;

    Color backColor;

    Color border;

    Color listBox;

    Color textBox;

    switch (theme) {

        case 0:

            buttons = Color.FromArgb(int1, int2, int3);

            backColor = Color.FromArgb(int1, int2, int3);

            border = Color.FromArgb(int1, int2, int3);

            listBox = Color.FromArgb(int1, int2, int3);

            textBox = Color.FromArgb(int1, int2, int3);


        case 1:

            buttons = Color.FromArgb(int1, int2, int3);

            backColor = Color.FromArgb(int1, int2, int3);

            border = Color.FromArgb(int1, int2, int3);

            listBox = Color.FromArgb(int1, int2, int3);

            textBox = Color.FromArgb(int1, int2, int3);


        case default: //Not any of the valid themes

            //Code here





I hope this helped you.

Created a new thread: How do I make a transparent listbox?

I'm making a customizable exploit where you can add themes but the listbox cannot be put as Color.Transparent.

Can someone help me with this?


The UI is not the actual exploit UI, it's a Synapse theme I ported into the config.json file

Any help would be appreciated.

Replied to thread: I made a new admin script

oh my goodness what is that

Created a new thread: Add more info for official exploits on the site

A lot of the exploits on this site (on the exploits section) are pretty nice (mainly Coco Z and Krnl).

Only 8 of the 17 (Roblox) exploits on the section have an info section for it, some notable ones not having a section being Proximity, Coco Z, and Dove.


If there was more info sections about said exploits, there would be an easier time selecting which one to choose as your main and causes less confusion. For example, Coco Z and Dove are basically the same if you download both, but you don't know the difference beforehand because you can't even check the UI nor the features it has.


DanSploit even has one even though it's a useless exploit. It lists all of the "features" it has and images showing off the UI which I found to be helpful (I don't use it, just thought the UI was ugly).

Please add them; makes it a lot easier to view.

Replied to thread: [Thonking time with Phoenix] Remove DanSploit X

i support this message. we need more exploits on the page which were good like the older ones (i forgot their names but i think chrysploit was one).

Created a new thread: How would you feel about a customizable exploit?

When I say customizable, I'm talking about UI elements. I made my exploit with the idea of it being able to be customized. It's all able to be changed with the config.json file.

Here are some example images:

My exploit is still a work-in-progress (mainly working on ideas for it), but you will be able to customize almost any UI element to your liking when it gets released.

Replied to thread: Fix this script?

The functions on BloxTap don't work on free exploits.

So silent aim, ESP and everything else doesn't work.


I've attempted to search for scripts with silent aim (like a week ago), but they only work with full lua executors.

(weebpaste, uwuware,


I do have an FPS gui script with the following features:

Anti-gui detection (games that ban you for executing GUIs like Traitor Town don't detect it)

ESP loop

Teamcheck toggle

Lock-on aim (no silent aim rip)

Smooth aim toggle (kind of wonky)


FPS GUI v2 (don't know the creator): 

Replied to thread: rate my UI thanks

I like the UI a lot, there's nothing wrong with it (to me). Only thing is I'm getting tired of seeing the same grey-black theme for exploits, but that's just me. The color is great.

Replied to thread: Windows 7 | Windows 10

agreed. I updated to windows 10 from windows 8.1 because it fixed my usb mouse, but yeah it allowed more executors to actually work (Yoink wasn't executing).

Replied to thread: [SKID] Skia and his $8 Axon

he even skidded the openfiledialog code lol- think that's from IceMeme's source

Replied to thread: Why do some scripts just not execute?

You can open your Roblox console by pressing Ctrl+F9 in-game. If a red text/orange text appears when you execute the script detailing the syntax errors, it means either your script has incorrect syntax or your executor can't execute it/doesn't have enough functions to do it (e.g. gethiddenproperty).

Replied to thread: [REL] Modded WRDAPI. (WRITEFILE + MORE!)

Is the syntax for the writefile function the same as other exploits?

Created a new thread: Where do I start learning WPF?

I use WinForms and like the way WPF-based exploits looked (and ran), however I don't know where to start learning UI design in it.

If you could link/explain how I can get started learning WPF that would be greatly appreciated.

Replied to thread: Fix this script?

this is bloxtap. it only works correctly on full lua executors like Synapse. I tried using with KRNL before and it doesn't work, so you either gotta look for another script or get an executor able to run it.

Edit: To be clearer, the UI shows up, but the UI functions (ESP and stuff) doesn't work, nor does the objects such as the checkboxes or comboboxes.

Created a new thread: yay krnl is back

made this thread because krnl is like the only good free exploit with good execution.