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i did that but it didnt worked out.

Replied to thread: Game keeps giving me error when i attach to game

Well here are some tips for you.


Turn off your windows defender. (IMPORTANT!!!)
ss Attach when roblox game opens and says "joining game" ( do that quickly)

if that does not help try to uninstall roblox and install it again. (Ive done this and it worked for me)

I hope you will fix it.

Created a new thread: Lua script to Gui converter?

Can you somehow reverse the lua script in to gui in roblox studio? (Not the GUI into Lua code)


Im not sure if this thread need to be here or in roblox section but i think it can go on both places

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i still need help, he send me old roblox game

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I added you, i know that the scripts can't be copied, but what ever is copied it might help me for what i need :)

Created a new thread: Who can copy a game?

Who can copy game for me (i have older versions but they dont have what i need for testing, i need the newest one) , i need to test something. The game:

my discord is: krstecd#4534

Created a new thread: [Request]bee swarm sim. script (check the info!)

I was using a script to buy hive slots for 0 honey and i bought 4 hive lost and they worked prefectly, the day when it got patched i used again a bought another hive slot so i can haveve 45 bees but the game got updated at that time and i got kicked from the game and now i have one gliched hive lost that i can't put any egg in it.
So if its possible to anyone if can write a script that will place a basic egg on my 45 hive slot. Thanks.

Created a new thread: Any free VPN?

The WPN that is published on this site is not free... you need to add your credit card to be able to use 7 days free.