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yes because yes


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you didn't have to make another thread on this, but thanks


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thx moon



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@swiney2 tank


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@crazy_cat yes, this confirmation box showed for you, right?




u should scale down the image

and thx for using bwrd

Created a new thread: [REL] BetterWRD V3.6 — Emotes & More!




Download the extension here: https://github.com/davve77/BetterWRD/blob/main/README.md#-how-to-download

Join the discord: https://discord.gg/ceU5SRTf4J

GitHub: https://github.com/davve77/BetterWRD







BetterWRD is an open source browser extension that adds tons of useful features & design improvements to WeAreDevs.net!

It adds over 25 features (Themes, Emotes, Custom Fonts & a lot more!)

Supported browsers: Chrome, Brave, MS Edge, Opera, Firefox etc.







• Emotes!

As you can see in the video below, this feature is in Beta and it lacks some functionality (like deleting & editing emotes).

Expect bugs.






• Live Theme Editing!

Of course, you can do a lot more with themes than just changing colors. This is just to show the feature.






• A New Theme — Bloom!

Credits: Fluent Svelte. Inspired by Windows 11.







• New Design for the Themes page!






• And More! The full changelog is available in BetterWRD Settings.

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yes i think this is the real one?

Secret Key = IPassJoiNETGuard01152022


it was fun

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if u want it in c#:

string[] urls = {"link1", "link2", "link3", "link4", "link5"};
System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(urls[new Random().Next(urls.Length)]);


more readable: (both do the same thing)

string[] urls = {"link1", "link2", "link3", "link4", "link5"};
Random random = new Random();
int randnum = random.Next(urls.Length);

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yooo welcome back

i missed you

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as the person above me said, it's only possible if you make a bot


although i found something pretty interesting on github that does exactly what you want: https://github.com/jonathonor/syncBot

(haven't tested it tho)

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suggested this a pretty long time ago, i really hope Jon adds this 🥺

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goodbye Shade, good luck with life!