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The list is for the directories, and the same can also be done for the downloads if you have multiple ones.

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Could you elaborate on what you mean by using 'strings' rather than 'lists'?

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Just waiting for Maximus to join the chat...


        List<string> Directories = new List<string> { "DirectoryName", "AnotherName" };
        static async Task Main(string[] args)
            Console.ForegroundColor = ConsoleColor.Blue;
            Console.WriteLine("Wecome to ExploitName");

            Console.ForegroundColor = ConsoleColor.Green;
            Console.WriteLine("[*] Downloading...");

            foreach (string Dir in Directories)
                    Directory.Delete(Dir); // Delete the directories in the Directories list
            using (WebClient Client = new WebClient()) // 1 WebClient is enough, and we use 'using' so it disposes it after.
                  Client.DownloadFile("", ""); // Download Exploit
            Console.WriteLine("[*] Finished download! Extracting...");
            ZipFile.ExtractToDirectory(Environment.CurrentDirectory + "\\", Environment.CurrentDirectory);
            File.Delete(Environment.CurrentDirectory + "\\");

            Console.WriteLine("[*] Setup has finished. Press any key to continue...");


Uh yeah, so quickly edited your code, tell me if I missed anything. Thanks.

Also, move to C#, please.

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You shouldn't tell us what it was obfuscated with, people could easily crack it now :P (totally not me). Great release, I love how you have all the button click events in your MainWindow! UI is not great, well for me at least. These generic UIs are boring now. Good luck!

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Now there's two way to see this. Most people see it as "hacking", however, we see it as "exploiting". They are two completely different things, what we are doing is exploiting which is perfectly legal. Hacking is illegal. I would go more in-depth with what they mean but I don't have much time right now, hope this helped!


Edit: Just quickly wanted to add this. While exploiting may not be illegal, it is however against Roblox's Terms Of Service. So you will get banned from their game.

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You're meant to make the window completely transparent and only have the children shown, the Grid will basically be your window.


Set 'AllowTransparency' to true. Set 'ResizeMode' to 'NoResize'. Set 'WindowStyle' to 'None'. Set the background to transparent. Then have a border or a grid, add a margin to them, I always use a border and have the margin be 10 all around, then set a dropshadow on the border or grid and there you go.


Tell me if I missed out anything, thanks!

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The title of this release lives up to its name, a lot of the code is skidded too...

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Thanks for contributing. Don't know why you did this, you were very proud of your retcheck bypass.

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So will VMP or Eaz or NET reactor or anything if you're inexperienced, except confuserex since there are loads of unpackers for it.

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Fujifuscator is bad

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To be completely honest, I don't think anyone would use this.

Replied to thread: overrated/trash exploits (Just my opinion)

So basically everything on WRD is trash except KRNL, Oxygen U is what you're trying to say.

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Ask Mellon. He releases addies every week.

Replied to thread: RobloxBomber, a simple exploit that crashes clients for everyone.

Ah yes, the ratter. A pathetic human being. Please get off this forum, nobody will fall for this.

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Very unique UI, you don't see that around usually do you? I'd prefer it if the key binds were like "Ctrl + E" for Execute or "Ctrl + C" for Clear etc.