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Just a guy who likes UI designing and coding.


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Replied to thread: Coco Is Back!

Nice! Sadly Bobby The Cat left the Coco Development team :(

Replied to thread: [Source] Simple Console Bootstrapper

Nice release bro. And happy birthday.

Replied to thread: JJ Sploit UI

If you don't like it, go download their API and make your own User Interface instead of complaining. They already had a UI update.

Replied to thread: If I made a new exploit will you support

It's not whether if we will support it or not, it's whether if you're motivated in doing so.

Replied to thread: [Update] Wine Official Version 4.0 Release (yes u read that right)

Isn't even obfuscated, I can already see this dying again soon.

Replied to thread: Noblesse - New roblox exploit (beta)

Seems cool, I'll check it out later :)

Replied to thread: CW | Scytheboi - Fake CWs - Manipulating - Lying [LEAKED SRC]


He's never CW'd me, he did CW Delta team before and I saw the CW, it was a pretty stupid CW and pretty pointless yeah, but he's never leaked the source code to Delta before, leaking sources to people's exploit especially cuz of something like this is a real sh!t move. Also, stop calling people idiots and being rude.

Replied to thread: CW | Scytheboi - Fake CWs - Manipulating - Lying [LEAKED SRC]

It is true that Scythe is a newbie and pretty dumb, and I'm not taking any sides when I say this, since I'm a dev for both of you guys, but both of these CWs are stupid.


Edit: I just realised you leaked the src, please remove it, really isn't cool especially cuz of a minority like this.

Replied to thread: [help] Monaco editor for Wpf?


Never knew it was disposable :pensive:

Replied to thread: [help] Monaco editor for Wpf?

var Key = Registry.CurrentUser.OpenSubKey("SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\Main\\FeatureControl\\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION", true);
if (Key.GetValue(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.FriendlyName) == null)
        Key.SetValue(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.FriendlyName, 11001, RegistryValueKind.DWord);

There are better ways to do it but I just shortened Immune's one a bit, since a lot of that looked unnecessary.

Then just do



Replied to thread: [Coming Soon] Comet Free ROBLOX Exploit, Custom DLL, Coming Soon.

Looks like a coco Z rip-off. Coolio :)

Replied to thread: Should We Remake Proxo as a Memorial Free Exploit that many people hate it

It doesn't need a memorial. It died and let it stay dead. One more thing, I don't know if that's the same Imperious, but I saw a developer called Imperious in the Delta server. He's also making the DLL and he got help from Rexi. Proxo 2.0 inc?

Replied to thread: my exploit wont execute

Not sure but I think WRD API is still patched. Also this belongs in the C# section.

Replied to thread: The end of the era of exploiting.

It's just Roblox getting their game up. Of course in a week or so everything will be back up and running, like I'm pretty sure I've heard that Electron's already updated. Now we just gotta wait for all the other exploits to do so too. The only reason Fluxus was discontinued is because ShowerHead doesn't have the time to maintain it. And the reason why other exploits are getting discontinued is because the DLL devs are skids and they have no idea how to fix it :D. Also what is HardT, never heard of it, neither does it exist in google.