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Make thousands of 'roblox' in an hour? Lol.

Replied to thread: Level of executor?

Level 6. I think. Yw. Hf. Gl. Don't skid. Be a good boy. Have a good day. Bye bye.

Replied to thread: How do you make a level 7 exploit?

How to create a level 7 exploit.


1. Download axon

2. Update axon

3. Set identity to 69420 7

4. Congrats, you're now a skid proud owner of a totally non skidded exploit.

Replied to thread: [REL] How to make Settings/Option saving

You're officially smarter than me at C#. Never knew about them settings bs, this will help me, thanks a lot.

Replied to thread: Adding Opacity slider, works for window its on, but does not do anything to the other windows ( quick fix ? )

hMmMmMmmMm. Simpelz, I think?

Uhh so like make a slider, and make a class, call the class what you would like, for now let's just call it `Variables`. Now add a int var to it.


public class Variables

     public static int opacityValue;


And then go on the slider event, and whenever it slides just do:


new Variables().opacityValue = sliderNameHere.Value;


Then on the other forms have a timer running or something which keeps setting the opacity? Or it checks if the int changes then it sets it.


private void timer1_Tick(object sender, TimerElapsedEventArgs (I think?) e)

    Opacity = new Variables().opacityValue;



Idk man just spitting some ideas, but it's not that hard tbh. If you're still stuck add me on discord then I'll go through it with your more thoroughly. Laxion#7115

Replied to thread: Which one is better? macOS, Windows, or Linux

Linux ofc. Windows has too many stupid processes running and they spy on you, MacOS is just like no never, Linux is like yes daddy.

Created a new thread: DeepPain's response to his expose

I'm writing this for him because, he couldn't be asked as he thinks this is stupid, and so do I. From what I've read this is about Deep handing over his LBI to other people, most of them known as "skids". These people are: SkieHacker, NanoCentral, and ImmuneLion. Let me reasure you they aren't using the LBI from him anymore as this expose thread has unmotivated him to continue the LBI and caused him in wanting to leave the WeAreDevs community, or the whole exploiting community itself. 

Now that has been sorted, let's move on to the part of his LBI being unstable. DeepPain was discussing this with me when he first was giving out the LBI to Nano and Skie. He had told me he purposely made it bad and unstable as he never did like them in the first place, just like he said, "im not letting those retar** have a good lbi".


Furthermore, here's even more proof he made the LBI unstable, now this was from way over 2 weeks ago or 1 week ago, so there's 0 way I could've planned this or faked this:


Finally, please understand that it is his decision on who he wants to give his LBI to.

And with that being said, have a good day.

Replied to thread: [Teaser/Showcase] Utility

I don't like the icons on the top :v. But noice

Replied to thread: New Exploit - XShark -

Not skidded, no malware and UI isn't good. I like the RGB though :).

Replied to thread: Any good WPF editors?


That's just your opinion, not facts.

Replied to thread: CW | Cyndia is Token Grabber


Just delete the rbxfpsunlocker bruh. Also just to help you, it uses Agile. Idk bout you but it's simple AF to deobfuscate it.

Created a new thread: CW | Cyndia is Token Grabber


When it launches, it runs the rbxfpsunlocker exe which is actually an anarchy grabber as shown above on the picture.

Here's the webhook:


Do not trust Wumpus, he has ratted me in the past, and he stole my UI for his exploit.


For anyone who opened the rat, here you go:


Replied to thread: Raptor™'s Official Response to Token Logging Allegations and More

I forgive you, and I don't forgive you, it's like a 50/50. But yh I'm chill with you as long as you don't do this anymore.

Replied to thread: Expose | Nexus42 The Mega Skid


You too DeepBrain