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Just a guy who likes UI designing and coding.


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Created a new thread: Selling a bunch of UIs

Before I leave I gotta sell some UIs cuz they're just lying around collecting dust and they're not even half bad. DM me on discord and I'll show you them, you can pick which one you want.


I'd say the price range is like 30-50$, but idfk you can ask me to add or remove or edit stuff.

Usually online around 4pm GMT to 9pm GMT




Replied to thread: Rate UI! Changed settings (Klyrius)

Actual anims are clean but the UI itself isn't. 6/10, lookin' noice so far, good luck bro :)

Replied to thread: What are your 3 favorite songs?

Right now I'd say:


Juvenescence - Verzache

Reason To Live - DVRST



My favourite songs change like every week lmao

Replied to thread: its my birthday

Why happy birthday lad, know this might be a tad bit late but, hope you enjoyed yourself :D

Replied to thread: Monthly bro checkup: How you been lately?

Eh, starting sixth form is a pain tbh. I thought it'd be more chilled out than secondary, which it sort of is.. But the amount of content to learn is massive. Well, I just need to hope I can stay alive for 2 more years then I can finally go work :ok_hand:. But other than that, just pretty bored.


Replied to thread: My Apology for my Recent Actions

All you did is lie and skid? I feel like that's forgivable. Tbh I speak in behalf of everyone when I say that when we first started making exploits we skidded code too.

Replied to thread: [CW]: iMaximus Scamming

Bro hired him for 40$, for auto completion, and nothing after 5 months. I remember making auto completion for avalon on acrylix, took me like a day to figure out tho, but still not 5 months.

Replied to thread: When did you join & who is an OG here

Began exploiting during late 2017. After a year of exploiting I got into developing exploits myself, hence I joined this forum late 2018.

Replied to thread: E-dating Service

Haven't laughed so much in a while, love you bro.


Replied to thread: What is your favourite text editor or IDE?

notepad without the ++


Replied to thread: What games do you guys play?

CS:GO, Minecraft 1.8 (mainly PvP and Bedwars), Valorant, Dirt Rally, Dirt Rally 2, Assetto Corsa, Roblox Parkour, Krunker, Aimlabs, Brawlhalla, Terraria, Uno, Dragonball Xenoverse 2, Roblox surf/bhop and uh yeah that's all that comes to mind rn. I just play whatever I feel like, but rn I'm hooked onto shooters and racing games. Hf, ig.

Replied to thread: 9 Trick and tips to cash app direct deposit

Uhhh, thanks..?

Replied to thread: Behind Pain Exist: The Source

Didn't this exploit die like in 2018/19. Why release it now :skull:


Replied to thread: [RATE] BedWars Legit Client UI

Na just thought it was for bedwars on mc

Replied to thread: [RATE] BedWars Legit Client UI

I got so excited thinking it was minecraft bedwars :(