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Replied to thread: Does anyone know how to make an fps unlocker?

I mean rbxfpsunlocker is open sourced, but it's in C++

Replied to thread: Coco Z Discord

Replied to thread: [TEASER] Misako's User Interface

Looks oddly familiar, but good luckkk

Replied to thread: [Q] What do you think about finland and sweeden joining NATO?

Don't worry, we'll all be dead by 2030 or sooner anyways.

Replied to thread: helo what the worst executer

How the hell does this thread have 10k+ views

Replied to thread: Pc build questions

If you're gonna switch to intel then you're going to have to switch motherboards as well. But I'd rather switch to intel in this scenario, the AMD A series are DOG.

Replied to thread: coco z5? any answers

DLL is basically 95% done, will be here soon :)


UI is 80% done but we don't talk about that

Replied to thread: Happy Ramadan

I'm pretty late to this but, Ramadan Mubarak to everyone :)

Replied to thread: Roblox Addresses

Yo! Mellon usually releases addys every week, no idea if he still is though... You could try asking him :)

Replied to thread: How can i make a CloudScript like Comet?

I've made a basic script cloud before, it's not that hard. Firstly, you're going to need a VPS or anything that can run 24/7, you're going to use that as your server. The exploit ofc, will be your client. How I made it is through using python for the server and using the module tornado, you can easily learn how to use tornado by reading the documentations. Make endpoints such as:


/addscript/ (adds scripts)

/scripts/ (list of scripts)

/removescript/ (removes scripts)


The scripts are gonna be stored in JSON format, so we're able to easily append and remove scripts, as well as read them. To remove scripts, I made sure that in the /addscript/ endpoint it added the script with a special ID. This way I can just search the JSON file for that specific ID and easily remove the script. From there on it's pretty simple, in your client use a WebClient to DownloadString the /scripts/, and then use the Newtonsoft JSON package from NuGet to loop through each script and add the scripts.


Here's an example of what your JSON file could look like:

        {"id":0001, "title":"hello", "description":"cool script!","scriptURL":"URLTOTHESCRIPT.COM/CoolScript"}


Tornado module:



Hopefully this can help you. Good luck! Feel free to ask more questions.

Replied to thread: [Rate] My First Ui on WPF

As your first WPF UI this is actually not bad, it's more impressive than bad. I don't get why people say it's bad when it's your first UI, in my first UI I definitely wouldn't have known how to do all that. Ignore the negativity, keep on going bro <3

Replied to thread: [REL] Simple FPS Capper

I genuinely can't tell if this is a shi!post or not.

Replied to thread: Custom Roblox DLL


100? I'd be blessed to find someone for 100. Minimum I see is about 400 or 500.

Replied to thread: [REQ] How can i open an .exe with a button?


How's that overcomplicating...

Replied to thread: [REL] Simple Splash Screen Source

Waiting for one of 'em C# kiddies to come and criticise the living crap out of your code. Good luck.