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Created a new thread: Selling Roblox Groups

The title says it all.

Here are the ones without funds


Here are ones with original names/Rare names




https://www.roblox.com/groups/3699896/fire-game-studios#!/about -- (nearly 800 members 647 active recently) asking for a $20 roblox giftcard






Nah i aint linking the rest. for the ones with orignal names ill take 100-300 robux for.






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I was lama, the one you got banned. I thought It was obvious. I lost my main due to 2fa. I was messaging you to mess around but It seems like you hate me now.

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Why get me banned dude we used to be cool. ffs :/

Created a new thread: Uh Yoink whats this?

I was browsing verm and a few other forums and I have found multiple claims of yoink being a IP logger and that it was skidded from pretty much every other exploit.

Heres the link to the article.https://v3rmillion.net/showthread.php?tid=1067905

So heres my question if this is true. 

Why the @#$@ does Jon let these kind of people on his site? This just ruins his name as most kids come to WRD to download exploits and such.

Idk but if I was jon I'd have this whole site on lockdown, not just adding people because the exploit is "good".

Thats what it seems like hes doing. Sorry for the disrespect but this is !@#! up.


Edit: Another link from davidTube but the post was made by OpenGamerTips https://wearedevs.net/forum/t/16253


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Not a gui. Its a game coding error that can be easily exploited. But it takes really good timing.

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I have a exploit I might release, Its for the unlimited bone breaking and 2X and probably EVERY other boost. Its not free though as it does cost robux but it becomes unlimited instead of a temp boost. 




I would be willing to upload the method but Its overpowered if done correctly and It would be patched ASAP

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what is wrd+ im new to this side of the forum, im usually in the skid section

Replied to thread: [TOP 10] Reasons why I should get forum mod

You forgot 

14. You are pore

15. You are biased

16. you spend almost no time reading peoples forums even though you open them

17. You are cripple

18. You are gameing

19. You are fat



Hopefully this helps <3 xoxo love lama get owner with this forum or you are james charles

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Thats cash money!

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I'm very much ok. lol

Gonna delete it anyways but I'm suprised you even responded to this post its a honor if you're the real deal

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Thanks for all the feedback guys I really appriciate it. :) I'll take it as constructive critisism and go build better.


However to the guy with negative 10 rep I dont see ya doin jack squat.


Maybe if you would stop wasting time blabbin your mouth and trying something like I did you might get somewhere.


Just a nice little tip.


Created a new thread: *RELEASE* WRD Exploits Roblox Clothing

I figured to release something for the exploiting community to rep exploits.

I wish to receive no sort of backlash for doing this either, if the creators want the funds they can contact me and all rights are theirs.

Reasons why they are priced

1. I had to make them look legit so I don't get flagged or banned.

2. Still risking my account (Not smart)

3. Well selling them for 5 is useless since most people get robux by the packages so this way the creators can get the revenue and it wasnt wasted.


Yoink: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/5848376202/Yoink-Bape

Krnl:   https://www.roblox.com/catalog/5848362845/Krnl-Bape

CocoZ: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/5848303738/CocoZ-Bape (This one will be redone and if anyone buys it they can keep it but it will be offsale when I upload the better one once I am able to find the image i need.)

WeAreDev's: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/5848268366/WRD-Bape

Dove: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/5848388601/Dove-Bape




Also go check out the other clothing or join the group at https://www.roblox.com/groups/8096679/ShadyClothingTM#!/about

The more members the better, this way not only is the group full of exploiters but we can also spread it around to the ones that want to hack and also the fact we can get clout for the other clothes so when they get sold we can do robux giveaways for the exploit community!









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Don't stress it it will be unpatched


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Are you subliminally calling me retarded?

Over someone trying to help people get robux and he gives them a option that doesn't affect them but helps them?


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You said abusing so I post abuse.