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Reverse Engineer, 2+ Lua experience and over 1 year C# experience.


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Replied to thread: classiccat thinks he can reupload my video.

I already saw serval posts about him being not trustworthy. He seems to be really messed up.

Created a new thread: classiccat thinks he can reupload my video.

Hey there! Today i striked someone going around by the name of classiccat. I just want to show you guys the conversation between him and what went wrong.


In the following screenshot he admitted that he copied my video.


I gave him a solid 10 minutes to remove the video and he made up an excuse that he was "afk".


In this screenshot i told him that he has 10 minutes. Nothing happened in that time.



In screenshot 3 he thinks by crediting me in the description the claim is false. This is not true.


Here he just spams because he knows im right.


Like seriously how hard is it to just remove my video from your channel classiccat.


Here he made the excuse that he was "AFK". I don't care if u are afk. i gave you 10 minutes for this.



So yeah, classiccat is pretty messed up. I have striked him for this.




Replied to thread: I’m back at the forums

@TeekTacker My bad, I disabled it due to pridefall 

Created a new thread: I’m back at the forums

Hello there! I am back at the forums and I have changed a lot. I wish I can have a new start here.


If someone remembers me and wants me as friend on discord, my discord is: Starboat#6993

Replied to thread: bye.................

Goodbye Sky, you were a great member of the staff team. I have had nothing against u.

Replied to thread: Where have I been?

@classiccat You are one of the main reason why I leave this forum

Replied to thread: Where have I been?

Where am I going? I am currently not active anymore on any forum. I started with Unity game development.


I will not come back to Roblox since it has ruined my life.

Created a new thread: Where have I been?

Hi, if you haven't noticed yet, I was inactive on this site for the past 2 months or so. This is because I

quit the roblox community and because I have bad memories on this site. Overall I really like most people on this forum and I think it has a great potential but I will not be here anymore.


I will probably come back one day but for now:


Replied to thread: I just found an amazing epic cool thing yes!

@AgentSky I talked to timefunnier and explained it lol. It’s completely safe 

Replied to thread: CORONA VIRUS

We got a genius here

Replied to thread: Messaging Users

Meh in this case you would prob keep messaging people hate and you'll block them after lol.

Replied to thread: Blocking users

Another attempt to evade -rep. You just block the person lmao


@AgentSky Well darkCord asks us if it's C++. So yeah I can confirm it's C++

Replied to thread: Free Synapse X Account Plz

Go to this link for free synapse.


Click me

Created a new thread: I just found an amazing epic cool thing yes!

I did my epic hacker research and found this epic url


If u press on it you will get hacker powers over this site.


Vouch and bump pls