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Replied to thread: I am leaving.

Guys I'm still in there 

Created a new thread: I am leaving.

I had a really bad lunch and I'm leaving now to go to the nearest bathroom. I may never come out because I'll be dropping radioactive logs.



Replied to thread: WRD API outdated for proxo

How did you even get it?

Replied to thread: Conclusion

I'm shaking rn

Replied to thread: Abyss having 0 braincells

4 years of academic learning wasted smh

Replied to thread: how yall doing

Burning out as fast as I can 

Replied to thread: Tired of subscription models? Introducing Hydrogen

@0x90 looks promising. if you guys really manage to bypass the new AC then this ought to be one of the biggest free exploits 

Replied to thread: get rogue hub on the scripts section????

Don't get your hopes up 

Replied to thread: Premium Giveaway

@Vilictus hey congrats, you now owe me $5.

I'll be tracking down your credit card and billing you the debt

Replied to thread: (Klyrius) Rate New Loading And Main UI!

@Entity make your own UI instead of stealing this man's work. Changing words doesn't do anything 

Replied to thread: (Klyrius) Rate New Loading And Main UI!

I would sue u

Replied to thread: What way will the forum go, if the new Anti-Cheat is as expected?

As long as there's free exploits, WeAreDevs will always be a thing, so we're not worried about this forum going down. Worst case scenario JJSploit gets discontinued.

Replied to thread: I think this is the end...

I have been seeing all these threads about the new AC and what's gonna happen and that's just paranoid.

Misako was never something, it never came out. All these paid switching to subscriptions are just opportunities for whichever free exploits manage to stay around, so when this update rolls out, the Freemium exploits are gonna be making more profit than they ever did if they bother to stay.


I don't really see why is everyone freaking out and whatnot.

Replied to thread: [CW] Xerus | Weirdo (SHORT)

Just some lonely perv that never felt a woman's touch

Replied to thread: Old UI of Popular WeAreDevs Exploits #1

nah we talkin old