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Created a new thread: Thread replies bug.

Just noticed that the "Replies" while browsing the main forum page are all in the hundreds of thousands despite some sections only having probably only 100-200 replies

Replied to thread: [Question] Paypal Fake documents

idk if this will work for anyone else but back in 2019 when i made my new PayPal, I registered it as a business account and I havent had to send in any identification or documents. And the account still hasnt been locked. 

Not sure if it will work for anybody else but It did back then for me

Created a new thread: forum back nice

forum back nice


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Replied to thread: uhh where has the css gone?

lolllll jon fix this

Replied to thread: [ TRAILER ] Grand WHD ( Keep Dreaming )

yessssss this is a W

Replied to thread: rate my animations lol

cool but blend is cringe

Replied to thread: [Rel] Kato API


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Replied to thread: Should I release this UI?

meh. Pretty terrible alignment, spacing, fonts, radius values, etc. nothing like the real macOS

Replied to thread: Change site font from Roboto to Poppins


yes been using poppins on wrd++ for so long its great

Replied to thread: Change site font from Roboto to Poppins

poppins is so much cleaner. Its used in WRD++

Replied to thread: so uh what happened to this executor??

no its not discontinued if it was discontinued it wouldnt be updated and would be removed from the site

Replied to thread: Dislike button

i think an upvote/downvote system would be nice kinda like reddit

Replied to thread: [RATE/SOON] Utility Remastered | A Tool Built For Devs | Built In Client & More

Was this done within C# like WinForms or WPF, or did you use C++ instead for the UI?

Created a new thread: Ducxy noticed badge 2.0

Ducxy noticed badge wen


im waiting jon

Replied to thread: [Rate] Delta V2 UI | Releasing Soon

Not very good. 

Things are too spaced apart, theres like little to nocontrast between colors. Plus the color choice as a whole is terrible, you dont want the colors blending into each other it just makes it look super out of place