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also me :troll:

Replied to thread: [ RATE! ] - Panda V2J ( UI DESIGN )

theres a Dear ImGui binding for java, use that instead lol

Replied to thread: [QUESTION] Why do apisploits have a keysystem

as someone who did this (Dove)

it was for the extra money. Maintaining a UI and some other basic features and backend stuff isnt too difficult, but it can be time consuming.

Plus most people doing this are teenagers who don't have a job and/or cant get a job and they want to make some money.

Replied to thread: [I need your opinion] Should I pre-order iPhone 14?

Honestly, just pick up the iPhone 14 Pro. Pre-order or wait until they are in stock instead of needing to wait awhile.


Don't order the regular 14, if you don't want the pro get the base model iPhone 13 instead since its pretty much the same phone. (unless the trade in covers the entire cost of the 14 then sure go for it)

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troll thanks

Replied to thread: [Poll] Your Favorite Vs code Theme

i forget what its called but I had this really nice dark theme with white accents. It was REALLY dark, almost black but not quite black so it made things easier to read.

Replied to thread: [Poll] Necessary and useless things that you think should/should not be in an exploit.

@RealNickk a social/friend system is a good addon if done correctly, same with chat.

I've made a chatsploit and also have had many great ideas to implement into a social system that benefits the exploit itself.

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Neopolitan, Mint Chocolate Chip, Orange Cream, Cookies and Cream, Cookie Dough, Superman


im fat asf

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the kid laroi 




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clean 10/10


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lol i scraped the profile page for WRD++ to show rep and alias in the user dropdown

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web scraping moment.

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Yes, It was designed based off of chrome/edge broser design.

Replied to thread: FREE UI RELEASE (WPF - By Ducxy)


why remove it, it's better to have skids using it knowing who originally made it and me knowing where they got it from then skids using it behind my back and reselling it over and over again.