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Created a new thread: Why is the USER and notifications on the left side of the navbar???

Why is the USER and notifications on the left side of the navbar???


Replied to thread: WRD++ 0.2.2 | UI Bugs Fixed

@deadlocust Nope, google takes awhile to approve it. I'd check back tomorrow.

Latest is 0.2.2

Created a new thread: WRD++ 0.2.2 | UI Bugs Fixed

WRD++ 0.2.2 update has been submitted to both the Chrome and Firefox webstores.

This update fixes a couple UI bugs caused by forum updates. It also fixes the previous font issue.

Replied to thread: What is the best text editor to use for an exploit?

Monaco for features and looks
Avalon for optimization

Created a new thread: Developers Community (Old We Hate Discord)

Kiwi and I have come to a disagreement and are no longer on speaking terms. As such, I wanted to take the old We Hate Discord server and turn it into an all around Developers/Programming Community.


This server used to be a private, invite only server. Now anybody is welcome.


When joining you will still need manually verified, so you will need to DM me. This will go away soon. 

Feel free to join and invite your friends!




Replied to thread: [HELP] Whats missing from this pc?

The orange blinking means theres a hardware issue.

Try removing one of the sticks of ram, if it doesnt start put the stick back in and remove the other one.

Try re-seating the CPU too and make sure all the connectors are plugged in correctly

Replied to thread: Wearedevs api doesnt execute

this would work fine. But why are you making a new variable when you can just do this


Replied to thread: Discord blocked Roblox web requests & bypasses

or just send a request to your own server that forwards it to discord

Replied to thread: Any fun things to do with JS

I need some recommendations also.
Don't say "discord bot" or "chat app" ive made too many

Replied to thread: WeAreDevs is giving me strange ads






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Replied to thread: another windows 7 request


It's really not that difficult actually.

Replied to thread: Is the IPhone 7 good?

old thread but no. Do not buy the iPhone 7, especially with latest iOS updates.

It is getting very slow and the battery life is terrible. Mine which is only two years old has a somewhat worn battery but even when it wasn't, the phone lasted a few hours at max.

If you do want to get an iPhone 7 go with the 7 Plus. If I were you I'd get an 8 Plus, X or XR

Replied to thread: How everyone doing?

team walmart all the way f*ck them target ni**as