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Well, yeah you don't need to be an exploiter to be a part of this forum but, from my perspective it is mostly Exploit based. I mean, you get kids every wednesday crying about JJSploit & other exploits, you get people asking how to do something exploit-related and to be honest, I see this more as a exploit-based forum. 

I am active on discord & in a few servers that I may speak on daily though for the time being I'm going to stick to myself & school work. I probably won't quit this forum fully but I wont be replying much. If you do want to talk to me about something just add me on discord (in signature) (I may not reply immediatley) and I'll try be more "open" there. Right now I don't really want to explain everything fully as I don't want to go into depth about other reasons though I may be open about them on discord. Reason being I don't want it flat out public on a forum. (Hope you all understand that).

Created a new thread: My "Future" - A "goodbye" to WRD

This thread is purely useless and I just wanted to update you all on what I'm going to be doing from now on since yeah why not?

I've decided to quit exploiting entirely as I find it rather boring; I'll exploit here and there to mess about with friends but yeah this will probably be the end of me helping people when it comes to certain exploits not "working". I most likely won't be as active (some of you may have already noticed this) and I won't be replying much though I will be looking around the forum at times.

I'm doing this purely because I'm "moving on" in life, I've started GCSE Level work in school (I'm now in year 10) and I'm wanting to get in an alright spot in life. I may quit, entirely unsure if I will quit fully or be on every now and then but for now, I'll be innactive on WRD Forums though I'll be on roblox and discord playing with friends. I'm also wanting to learn Lua and to make a few games here and there (doubt that'll ever happen fully though lmao).

I have to say thanks to the WRD Forum, this is quite a nice forum and small community of users. A lot better than V3rm in my opinion (some of you may agree/disagree with that). Anyways, to the forum as a whole, I hope one day it becomes a lot more active since yknow, there's a lack of "registered" users.

Once I get a little bit of money I might do a giveaway in the future, like Syn X or something like that.

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You need a good/worthy exploit first. Once you've done that idk the next part.

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good songs yes i agree yes good songs

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one of my favourite songs

dont judge

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It should work if it's your Antivirus

If it's your ISP I think you can use a VPN or something like that, I'm unsure entirely how to get passed your ISP blocking it.

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Disable antivirus

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"helping kids to get good on roblox"


"This is not fair, we work so hard to make the script and we dont get any credit for it, that's very sad :("

I was referring to that.

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What exactly are you on about?

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When I have the theme enabled I can't click the notifications I have, is this a bug or is it just something on my end? 

Replied to thread: When you click on a notification, make it so it goes to the thread page where the new reply is.

yes, just yes.

despite the fact I never get replies on threads that have a ton of pages 

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Either that's a joke or you're purely stupid.

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WRD since the 40 Post thing on v3rm is quite the annoyance. also it's easier to get into the small community of WRD

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Woo, now leave the forum since nobody cares about you considering you've made several alts just to annoy the community.

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Probably HTML12, he said yesterday that OGT threatened to Doxx him which is entriely false lmfao


His alts are liked to Bubler's account; which is def. HTML12 :)