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I try to help as many people as I can, don't expect me to speak much on discord.


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Don't use it & use something from the front page like Coco.

Created a new thread: HTML12 Back again?


2nd piece of "proof" (thanks David)

Now, I know this may be a coincidence, but this dude seems to have the same goal. To annoy the community. He's claiming I photoshopped that image (which I didnt & David can assure that as he saw it too).

Whether this is a true thought or not. It's all an assumption of mine but I would like someone to actually look further into it and see if it actually is the dude that spammed before.

Thread of HTML12

He was a spammer; just like this kid. He spammed something about adding a Decomp. and SI to JJSploit.

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That aint photoshopped, get a braincell you idiotic child.

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Brooo; are you html12 or is that just a coincidence LMAO

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Mate shush calling them new; you went around asking people to add a decomp. and saveinstance to JJSploit hAHAHHA

Created a new thread: Discord "clients"

Does anyone know any good alternatives to BetterDiscord? I'm looking for alternatives as BetterDiscord is starting to get "boring" and I want to find something new.

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now you gotta get it to 100

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1 member + 144 guests = 145 Total

Why on earth does it say 146

Created a new thread: Toggling an onspawn script

So; I'm currently working on a PL script that "executes" when you spawn (Autogives M4 & Keycard) but I want a way to disable it. I semi-know how chatcommands work but would like to know how I would be able to disable the automatic M4 & Keycard from saying "/disable" or enable it from

Also if anyone knows the other way to do chatcmds; if I do "something /respawn" it respawns me & I need a way to get rid of that since It's kind of annoying.

Note: if you need me to explain further just ask me abt it an' i'll try reply with an understandable response

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Disable your godamn antivirus, it may have deleted the file. 

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Isn't it a bitcoin miner? (This was told in the CMD-X Server)

Replied to thread: any anti-afk?

Infinite Yield has a Antiidle command which does the exact same thing; or you can find alternatives such as an autoclicker (i think this still works) or even an AHK Script.

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Mate, give the dev some damn respect, waiting a few hours wont kill you.

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No, but you could just buy like, a roblox card with paypal

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OmG gIVe SeNtiAl SoUrCe Code MaN I GiVe SynApsE x KJeY 100% nO ScAm