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Depends on the task. 

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Good luck with this bot thing

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I figured out a way to do it, by making multiple checks for the existance of those files and folders.  It didn't took long, and I got the idea from a a py script I was making myself.



# protect.py

# Changed lines 23 to 43


# List of directories used in the code below

dirs = {

    'exampleNode': os.path.join('.', 'examplenode') 



# Checks if the example node folder exists...

# and checks if it's a directory.

if os.path.exists(dirs['exampleNode']):

    if not os.path.isdir(dirs['exampleNode']):

        Exception("There is a file named after a directory. Remove 'examplenode'")



    # Makes directory



# Another check but for the '.env' file, if it doesn't exists it creates a new one.

# [Depends on the previous code]

if not os.path.exists(os.path.join(dirs['exampleNode'], '.env')):

    with open(os.path.join(dirs['exampleNode'], '.env'), 'w+') as f:



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Just use the UserInputService or the keyboard events within the mouse. It's simple to figure it out, so I won't send any code.

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I'm gonna go ahead and steal this idea


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I replaced lines 31-34 with:


dotenv = None

with open('.\\examplenode\\.env', 'w+') as f:

    dotenv = f.read().split('\n')




And didn't show up any errors

Created a new thread: [REL][alpha] WRD+ V3

Some suggestions would be appreciated.




  • Added  custom background image, and css.
  • Removed dependency on cookies
  • Removed WRD+ labels
    • Title change of WeAreDevs logo on top-left
  • Removed WRD+ changes to wrd's style
    • Dropdown menu that's shown when clicking your username
  • Changed read/unread marks
  • Optimized code
  • Minor changes




Should still work






Test but in code




Install At: https://github.com/infinity-Script/wrdplus/releases/latest

Source Code: https://github.com/infinity-Script/wrdplus

How to use/install/other: https://github.com/infinity-Script/wrdplus/wiki

Previews: https://github.com/infinity-Script/wrdplus/tree/master/images

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bruh... you is the guy who copied my "hello world" thread and post it on v3rmillion (well not word by word). anyways idc

Replied to thread: Can some help me with this error idk how to fix it

provide code & context m8

Replied to thread: [New hot exploit] Atherus

People might assume WRD is your partner. The UI does look decent tho 

Replied to thread: What do you wish your exploit had.


  • No intrusive ass key system
  • No logging of user data (ip, or other)
  • No uglyass UI (Plain WinForms would be better)
  • No system modifications (e.g: proxo, which setups to start at system startup)
  • No memory leaks
  • Be mainly open source

Replied to thread: [REPOST] C# API is broken

Perhaps you are using the wrong function for the wrong action. There are two functions in the API to execute scripts:


1. Lua-C scripts

2. Normal lua scripts


LuaC might look like this (Idk much LuaC):


getglobal game

getfield -1 Name




However, normal ones are these:





Normal ones use:


API.SendLuaScript(<string> Source)



Lua C:


API.SendLuaCScript(<string> Source)


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  • MOD NAMED FUNTIMES BANNING THE MEDIA? Could he be silencing the truth?
  • Learn more on:wearedevs.net/cw

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Old YouTube  vibes