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Joined in 2019, idk what to put here like my personal details or somethin?



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great job =)

another great update

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u live in brazil or something?

people die from this virus.

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+10 points for round windows

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i dont do much c++ as it is the difficulty as setting my hair on fire and trying to put it out using more gasoline

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coronavirus is putting its foot down on the accelerator and many countries has declared a state of emergency.

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axon is kinda broken, you'll need some tweeks to get it working

(Im assuming ur using vanilla axon)

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ur bio is outdated 

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dont spread imformation that is from long ago, although i cant blame you because you take information from classicbadcat

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idk all the focus is on banned people coming from the past and theres not much things to do or say in this dire state of emergency

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say synapse x is a educative program for new people to learn powerful and robust languages such as lua.

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i mean like linux is ok and all but u need to have special programs for roblox to run on linux

just normal windows?

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well the simple thing is that windows's server series doesnt optimise for gaming or every day stuff, its optimised for processing requests

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kali should of been 4




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10 chars is rlly nice and all but 10 chars

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