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Replied to thread: i would gladly show proof of what he has done(classiccat)

upload the vids here if you have them.

Replied to thread: what happened to wearedevs? what happened to us?

I just don't want to stick up to that false accusation. 

Replied to thread: what happened to wearedevs? what happened to us?

i tried contacting him as a friend offer but he always finds a small reason to argue and then says I betrayed him. 

Replied to thread: [Hekky NEWS] V-Sauce and Hekky!

@Hectiqueuse something like hectek

Replied to thread: [Hekky NEWS] V-Sauce and Hekky!

@Hectiqueno i mean don't use hekky 

Replied to thread: Follow system!

@TeekTackerThat can simply get botting (since captchas aren't really "security" but instead a keep me safe for a month) and the user can simply create other accounts to bot making reputation in the lead. 

Replied to thread: WeAreDevs - Scripts

bumps in cat language

Replied to thread: Follow system!

watchu mean



reputation exists

Replied to thread: Checkers > Everyone

Replied to thread: Best GUI to lua converters????

the last time I got a GUI to lua convertor



it turned out to be a backdoor 

Replied to thread: How to write a basic "Hello World!" script


print("i learned how to print!")


Replied to thread: Mod Application | Teek

So this means.. you only aplogized not because you feel bad but instead because you want to manipulate peoples emotions so you can get this moderator role? 


You could react it to fast? Hey not sure you've known this but I still exist and you'd never download a exploit from the exploits thing in forums.


You do pick sides and jump to conclusions.


You have a lot of free time and the best thing you'd be willing to invest it in is the forums.


Replied to thread: APOLOGY | Teek

no offense, but when I feel stress I don't hop onto and discord and start drama

Replied to thread: Is Synapse X malicious?

yes wearedevs is safe being run by 15 year old kids



but a business related to exploiting with thousands of buyers, vouches and malware inspections and over 6 developers professionaly updating and working on this exploit is very malicious




Replied to thread: How can I become a Moderator without joining the Discord server?

No offense but I don't think you've done anything to protect the forums reputation.