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Replied to thread: Message to Carson

He is doing this by will and afraid of rumors being spread. I'm trying to convince him that I never did anything, hopefully by the end of the day he understands

Replied to thread: [NEWSPAPER] Exblox is back! New IP logging method on WRD??

<@uid:25074>STOP STOP STOP :cry:

Replied to thread: [SUGGESTION] Add Thread/Reply Reactions!

<@uid:25074>pee pee poop poop lol

Replied to thread: Bloxton hotel GUI

@ArobaOfficialExblox, you should start making real scripts.

Replied to thread: [SUGGESTION] Add Thread/Reply Reactions!

this is a amazing idea

Replied to thread: [NEWSPAPER] Exblox is back! New IP logging method on WRD??

@davidTubeExactly, mobile users wouldn't be able to notice that and that easily could be a grabify and disguised as ""

Replied to thread: Release - Wendo (can execute loadstrings, and has a decent ui i guess)

ngl this has low virus detections unlike other exploits


Replied to thread: (GUI) parkour script auto farm /unlock all gear (no gamepass) high wall boost and more

this is probably a scam, don't purchase from this kid

seems suspicious since no proof or screenshots were provided, no refunds and it works on jjsploit with all those features?



Press X to doubt

Created a new thread: [NEWSPAPER] Exblox is back! New IP logging method on WRD??

                                                                 Exblox is back on the forums!

That's right, if you're an OG then you probably remember Exblox the user for skidding/stealing source code from other exploits and doing bad things on the forums in general. Well. I just discovered.. he's back on 4 different accounts.

                                                        Dispute against the reputation system!

Recently your host classiccat has launched a dispute against the reputation system. The thread :

                                                                IP logging method on WeAreDevs?

That's right, you can now IP log people spoofing links on the website, here's how! You get your IP logger, let's pretend that ROBLOX is my IP logger link. we simply copy and paste it and rename the URL using a tool.

now hover over the wearedevs link and see where it redirects.  


Potentional Patch : Block websites with the extension .dev, .com, .net and more from being spoofed using this. 

                                                        AriHub has a server-sided executor now?

AriHub, the popular ROBLOX hub now has a official server-side called "Raindrop" that all AriHub buyers get for free, and if you purchase Raindrop SS, you get AriHub with it for free too (you must be in the discord) and blowing up in games and now has tons of plugins botted to the front page with Raindrop, free models as well and this backdoor is spreading fast! 

                                              Earn robux for playing ROBLOX games is in BETA!

Your host classiccat has recently been working on a project called "EzRobux" which gives you robux for spending time playing ROBLOX games. It's almost out since I have earned over 939 robux with this project.

                                                 Cyber-Security Kit

Recently, a Cyber-Security kit was released to prevent malicious attacks in ROBLOX exploiting and cyber-security in general. Get information at :



Replied to thread: Bloxton hotel GUI

@ArobaOfficialNo I mean like.. the scripts are very simple and can be done better.. R2Script isn't really the best method to actually make scripts.

Replied to thread: can someone help me get synapse

not even gonna say anything about this thread other than it's ridiciolus af

Replied to thread: i would gladly show proof of what he has done(classiccat)

upload the vids here if you have them.

Replied to thread: what happened to wearedevs? what happened to us?

I just don't want to stick up to that false accusation.