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Replied to thread: What to tell parents if I want to buy Synapse X? (dumbest question LOL)

"can I have 20 bucks so I can get robux, its for this super limited edition item and i could make loads of money from it in a few months"


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Replied to thread: Aspect's New Coming UI

Nice, another UI that's copied Fluxus 🙄

Replied to thread: next roblox update

@Haylo Apparently 3ds doesn't know what the f.uck to do with inlining, but it'll be working eventually

On a side note, Fluxus is already prepared for this update ;)

Fluxus > ALL

Replied to thread: if zesty allows you to pay for fluxus v7 with bobux then im doing a giveawayto one person for v7 if you want to enter join

Its a very stong IF, only reason I'm debating is accepting robux is due to account security, only takes 1 person to f.uck my entire account over.

Replied to thread: [REL] Exos V2 | Next generation of Exos scripting utilities

After going through all code I've determined this is safe.

(only reason doing so is due to seeing "logger" and "tokenconv" from a screenshot)


In future, provide a VirusTotal link and a possible MD5 hash

Replied to thread: How to make a key gen using linkvertise?

Learn web development (PHP, HTML, CSS), then you'll know

Replied to thread: Where Can I Learn XAML?

Just experiment, thats what I did lol

I actually did a livestream where I tried out WPF for the first time, I've gotten better ever since by teaching myself and overall getting better with designing and shiht (take inspiration from other softwares, that helps)

Replied to thread: Fluxus | Free WINDOWS <> getconnections <> firesignal + MORE!

@Monkey_D_Luffy Basically, we went over to easynonamesploits site, I did email Jon (WRD owner) for placement back on the front page but was on edge since Daniel / Filter apparently tried putting malware on the front page and I was "affiliated" with him.

Replied to thread: [Challenge] UI Design

Hmm, I'm intrigued..

Replied to thread: Mac OS X Injector/Executor....

Fluxus-M, free, and better than Calamari in every way


Replied to thread: WRD IP crashing on Dex or big script injection


Its WRD api, its not the best API to make exploits with, either try use another API or make your own DLL.

You can't reverse krnl's dll as its not an api (it is its own DLL coded in C++) (most you can do is get the pseudocode and that is no use, your issue is with the WRD api itself, not the script.)

Replied to thread: how to make a rblx exploit in wpf? (idk how and im new) || Juan Fazbear

I love it that free exploits start to use WPF as soon as Fluxus turns to it LOL

WPF is pretty easy once you get the hang of it

Created a new thread: Fluxus will not be returning to WRD, unfortunately.

Due to recent decisions, Fluxus will not be returning to WRD, for all you people interested in downloading Fluxus, you can find the official download on https://xploit.club



All the best to you Jon.


p.s. Fluxus mac edition is in development and almost complete! This is a great opportunity for people running MacOS to be able to exploit without using *cough* calamari *cough*


- FluxTeam

(ShowerHead, iZestyYT, machport & ringarang)

Created a new thread: Would you like to see Fluxus return to WRD?

Title explains the entire point of this thread.

Yes, I've returned to the forum lol