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Replied to thread: [Teaser] Arch [SaveInstance, Decompiler etc.]

bruh the ui

why don't you guys just use indicium and hook d3d for imgui instead?

that'd be more cool B)

Replied to thread: Dove - The Original ChatSploit

unmoderated chat? 😳😳 POGGERS
time to spread communist propaganda and be extremely racist jk lol

Replied to thread: [POLL] how do u say gui

i prefer saying gee u eye because that's usually how you spell it.
some cases when i have the iq of below average i say goooui

Replied to thread: Retard Sploit

big vouch. so hot
ui better than senaps

i like

Created a new thread: WRD API no longer works

it no longer injects into roblox


it injects but sometimes fails to do so


jon pls fix

Replied to thread: give me some free lego hax pls

@dead_locust it injects with puppy milk, loads up the watermark and just instantly dies
idk why for some reason

Created a new thread: give me some free lego hax pls

im desperate to test my crap gui

also too lazy to go code

pls drop some working free hax


i tried coco but it doesn't work (puppy milk moment)
idk if krnl works



Replied to thread: Dex Explorer V2 on JJSploit don't save the map.

find a saveinstance script

Replied to thread: Hiring Roblox Exploit DLL Developers For 50$ (negotiable)

good luck asking that in this forum

most likely some skid would just paste shade's wrapper and send it to you for cheap cash

but srsly you should find on v3rm or cerulean, there are more wellknown users there

Replied to thread: [Upcoming Release] - PelicanLib

i just hope that the transpiler isnt calamari

Replied to thread: Questions about Eazfuscator

use vmprotect
or themida

Replied to thread: Pleas scriptcontext address scanner code

it's 2020 man, SC scanning sucks
use GDM or anything else thats fast

Replied to thread: Chronic Again (New UI)

nice vscode interface

Replied to thread: How to get started with Exploit Development?

  • DONT
  • WPF
  • Just don't skid code man. Study from them.
  • NO, absolutely not. You'll need a lot of C++ knowledge and reverse engineering knowledge.

I recommend reading Louka's Spade Library. It helped me understanding how things work.
The Spade Library itself

The Lua 5.1 manual


Replied to thread: [Release] Exile 1.2 + Console Update

i like