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Replied to thread: onetap v3 got cracked

@Shibe yeah it's not a virus
i used it and it's pretty good

hits p with scout

Created a new thread: onetap v3 got cracked

download | VT


ez clap by neverlose hackers

gg onetap


Replied to thread: Assembly and Cpp

@ThatPhoenix yeah it's like that

Replied to thread: WHAT DA HECK roblox apk mod menu for Android not get patched when roblox update

@DropDev you are required to update in order to even get into roblox menu

modifications on android / ios clients aren't really unpatchable

Replied to thread: The dark and sad truth about LEGO EXPLOIT

@Vegie this thread is more autistic than the turkish skid

Replied to thread: Assembly and Cpp

assembly is faster

it's low-level programming language, so it's compiled to machine language faster

than having to be compiled twice then to machine language like C++

Replied to thread: Vergarson v4 official discontinued

yay no more viruses

Replied to thread: The dark and sad truth about LEGO EXPLOIT


first off this thread is retarded
secondly, I work for coco ( i even have their dll source) so i know they don't rat people.
not all developers are liars as you said. Electron is pretty good and made by competent devs, Kraken z is trusted
thirdly, they are false-positives. you're doing what is not intended by developers. that's why anti-viruses marks exploits as virus.

honestly i've only seen xydia devs adding btc address stealer in their exploit

if you feel bad for the players, why are you even using the exploits in the first place?

exploit devs really doesn't rat people because they'll definitely lose their respects in the community.


Replied to thread: Guests viewing forums

@Funtimesgetfunner it's better than having leechers just looking at the forums

Replied to thread: good csgo cheat???

buy skeet, they have good forum and luas

but if you don't have an invite to skeet forums, get aimware v5

or onetap if you prefer javascripts

Created a new thread: Guests viewing forums

i've been looking at the forums viewcount, and guests always has more numbers than actual users


how about locking the forums and make them viewable for registered accounts only?

that way we could probably encourage the guests to make accounts to view the forums

instead of 8-10 users viewing the forums with 130 other guests

Replied to thread: (Help) Free Executor That Supports Owlhub

@BI4z3 only arsenal / counter blox works, all of the others have been patched ages ago

Replied to thread: SentroX V2.0(Upcoming)

woohoo another winforms exploit

also copy+pasted parex's monaco bruh

Replied to thread: Roblox has been updated

the bad english + thread design makes this even more hilarious