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Wpf, becus it supports more and you can use blender for animations

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Make it dark my eyes

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Great, i love it

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We dont know yet what they are planning

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For sure it will be hard for developers

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Fixed my bad..

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For real haha

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Yes it is, thanks!

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What is Byfron Tech?


As passionate gamers, we started Byfron as a team of engineers and hackers with the ambitious goal to improve the lives of gamers through software security. We are proud of what we have accomplished. Hyperion is a leading software solution that tackles the difficult challenges associated with anti-cheat security.


What games does Byfron Support?


Roblox (Today released not implanted)

Apex legends




Example What Byfron does on Valorant


Byfron hooks a lot of imports, the jump to their module is also obfuscated. Byfron encrypts the game's executable section and also provides the capability to guard pointers as seen in valorant.




What Byfron & Hyperion does on Fortnite


The anti-cheat system that Fortnite should be released from hackers is called Hyperion and is being developed by Byfron Technologies. According to HYPEX, the new system will work alongside the existing EasyAntiCheat and Battle Eye systems.




What Byfron Does to Apex Legends




What Roblox Says about it




We know how vital anti-cheat and security are for you and the entire Roblox community. At RDC 353, we announced that we’re turning our focus to cheat prevention. To help get us there, we’re thrilled to welcome Byfron, a leader in anti-cheat solutions, to Roblox. Together, we are combining forces to greatly expand Roblox’s anti-cheat capabilities.


Byfron has developed a state-of-the-art anti-cheat solution that is being utilized by some of the world’s largest game publishers. The team is also passionate about competitive gaming and security, so we think they’re going to be a great match for our community. With their deep domain knowledge and security engineering expertise, we will be accelerating our roadmap to build robust anti-cheat and security solutions. This includes client-side and server-side anti-cheat, alt accounts detection, and additional tools for developers to combat cheaters. Integrating Byfron’s technology into the Roblox platform will improve experience security, protect the competitive landscape, and allow developers to spend more time building their experiences.


We look forward to sharing more in the coming months. In the meantime, please join us in welcoming Byfron to the Roblox community!



What a Roblox Exploit developer has to to say about it


I have reversed the Hyperion product thoroughly on a plethora of triple-a-game titles. I can say, with confidence, Roblox exploit engineers will have an outstandingly difficult time mitigating the various checks that Nemi has implemented. Of course, I will not leak everything that Hyperion had in store; But, some of the features include the following:

- Hooking all common API functions

- Detection of newly created RWX pages

- Detection of syscalls not passed through the Hyperion handler

- Cloning the context of the application after the initial setup

- JIT Compiling thread entry points

- Smart encryption, which cannot be stopped using simple gadgets

- Much more



Roblox Youtubers talking about it








Other thread information


Melancholy ( Talks about how this might effect you )





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You need to improve on it alot

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I also agree, Big respect for him! <3

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This ui seems pretty cool goodjob!

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We can Help you with it Create a ticket: https://discord.gg/SdPSY7JWfk

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Thanks alot, Also the feedback is welcome