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@ogredale Idk At This Point My Rise To The Top Should Just Be History

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I Agree 100% David Deserves It


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Literally Against Guidelines Stop Begging For Rep Its Stupid

Replied to thread: Apology. (Sorry)

Ok Thats It...? Honestly I Think People Will Hardly Accept An Apology Knowing You Logged Them Just Sayin


Replied to thread: Release | SwagCrypt Obfuscator (Decent)

Yea Nah I Wish DeepPain Was Here If Nano Is Part Of This I Doubt Its Worth Anyones Time God I Miss DeepPain


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@Vilictus Ah Ok That Ch3rry Thing Btw Is Mine From Like 2 Years Ago

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@Illusion I Don't Recall Ever Saying This And Then Again That Ain't Even Proper Grammar I Called AdMaven Blatant Malware

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I Neg 10 Him If It's Wrong I'll Lower Rep

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@Zander7473 Sowwy :(