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Replied to thread: rate my Reputation bad, i wanna get it to -100

@Nexterns Ah Yes Cause Annoying Me Is Definitely How To Guarantee Negative Reputation.

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@Nexula I Can Deobf In Literally 5 Seconds

Replied to thread: Welp me optimize terrible code

var FileOpen = new OpenFileDialog()
      Filter = "*Txt (*txt)|*.txt|Lua (*lua)|*.lua",
      /* Do Other Properties Like Starting Dir And Stuff */
Editor.Text = File.ReadAllText(FileOpen.FileName);


Replied to thread: Rate my website and my exploit's design please! Should I release this?

Locks Somewhat Like A Knock Off Of Script-Ware Somewhat Especially The Login

Replied to thread: Closing an unselected tab in WPF

Just Learn Basic C# And Even At That Why Let User Close Other Tabs I Just Let Close Currently Selected.

Replied to thread: Closing an unselected tab in WPF

What Do You Mean Close? Also Your Code Removes The Currently Selected Not Previous

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Immune Memes Best Ong

Replied to thread: I'd like a little improvement to WeAreDev's aimbot script

Their Respect And A Nice This Can't Be In A Community Such As This

Replied to thread: How do I make my roblox exploit API?

@Nexterns Ewww Broken Axon That Doesn't Work + Your Not Taking In Account Inline Update Where You Recreate Functions So Yea.

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Just Do What I Did, Get Your Paypal Card (For Free) And Enter It As The Card For Paying For Premium And Done, Worked For Me.

Done It Atleast 5 Times Once For Me And 4 Other Users Who Are My Friends.

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@atari He Should Appeal Then Idk Why He Hasn't If He Wants Another Chance.

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@RealNickk Not Gonna Waste My Time Here, We Can Discuss In WHD If You'd Like.

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@pepsi Ok Tell Me What Lie Did You Tell Him Now.

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@pepsi Someone Seems Mad Still Lol.

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Ah I Recognize The Inspiration As Rogue Lol.