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@YeemiRouth Bro Really Tryna Deface Mark But Not Handle The Pedo Accusations.

Created a new thread: [CW - Short version] SirWeeb and his gf: hypocrisy, role abuse and awful behaviour both in and outside Novaline

This Is A Post For Mrk0 Since He Has A Character Limit Of 8k And This Thread Is Over That Limit. I'm Not Affiliated Nor Did I Write This

This is the shorter, less detailed version of the CW. Screenshots for the first chapter can be found on the longer version here: [I'll update the link as soon as it's up, having some thread length issues :skull:]

Hello people of WeAreDevs, today we'll be talking about a pretty known member of this community: SirWeeb (and his gf, known as yeemi, at the time of writing this). You might be wondering, what the hell could SirWeeb have possibly done for someone to write a CW on him? After all, he's the owner of an executor that's been sitting on WRD with more than 116k downloads, he should be someone reasonable, right? Wrong. You see, SirWeeb has been dating someone known as "yeemi", a girl who's either 18 or 19 as she refuses to say her actual birthday, with quite a bit of a... weird past, more on that later. Now, the fact he's dating someone isn't a bad thing, a relationship makes people happier, so no one should really be hating on them for this. There's just one small issue: their relationship has been screwing over Novaline users, turning Novaline into a dictatorship in which any sort of criticism towards her (or even jokes) can be defined as a game of Russian roulette, with the main difference being instead of a loaded gun you get a demotion or a ban.

The following information is stuff that I did try to keep private, but seeing how SirWeeb has been handling this whole thing recently, I have no choice but to make it public. Both I and other people tried reasoning with him to no avail.
I'll divide this into chapters, as it's a matter that evolved over the course of a few months.

Chapter 1 - The beginning of the mess [this part is more about me, yeemi and SirWeeb than Novaline but I had to include it, otherwise the whole thing (including screenshots) wouldn't make much sense]

I met yeemi after joining back the community, from a server for a script she worked on. Got to know her over time and after an argument she had with the co-owner, I decided to stay by her side along with 2 other friends. We hung out together a lot, it got to the point where I'd even plug my earphones in while being in class to sit in vc with her and those friends in order to spend time with them, a very brilliant decision that almost made me fail maths lmao. As time went by, I ended up growing feelings for her as we were talking every single day and playing together, but never really had the guts to tell her.
Fast forward to May/June and she starts talking to SirWeeb a lot, all 3 of us play a game of bedwars together and it ends in an argument on whether I had ever made a move on her or not. I get blocked by her, then unblocked. At that point, I told her I had feelings for her but mostly got ignored. I tried to keep asking her about it since she said she’d be fine with relationships if the person is a friend (and to me she was a really close one), and ended up getting blocked again. Then, I come to know they’re dating, unblock/block once again. Had to cope for a bit but once I did I told her I’d be fine with just being a friend (from a private server we had in which I had to beg her to unblock me), which eventually got me unblocked, only for her to later ban me from any server of hers, leave any server I made with her, and block me again. I tried asking SirWeeb about it, and got banned by him from Novaline too, and blocked as well.
At this point I’m pretty frustrated, so I try asking friends of hers what the hell happened, which results in SirWeeb getting some mean messages and in me learning some not particularly nice stuff about her past (more on that later on near the end). I end up staying blocked for quite a while, until suddenly she decides to unblock me and DM me about her being on the leaderboard of a game she had been developing a cheat for, as if nothing had happened. Shortly after, I get unbanned from Novaline too and I come back as support.

Chapter 2 – SirWeeb's slow change in personality

As I stay in Novaline, me and SirWeeb go back to being friends, however, some time later, yeemi decides to break up with him without telling him exactly why, which obviously impacts him. We talk in DMs about it, and I give him moral support and explain that the best he can do is just wait for her to have a sudden change of mind – which she does, as they eventually get back together.
While that is quite indeed a nice thing for them, from this point onwards, SirWeeb slowly started to take everything related to her a bit too seriously. I climbed my way up the roles in Novaline up to getting Head Administrator over time, getting along with him fine, while yeemi's presence in the server would alternate between her leaving, then joining back and getting promoted to head administrator, then leaving again etc.
When me (and other staff members) tried asking why she left without saying anything, he replied it was “irrelevant info”, something he'd keep on doing again and again for most things related to her.
While this might not seem that bad, it becomes bad pretty quickly once you see SirWeeb banning a user because he called yeemi “mommy”, kicking a staff member for the same reason, demoting a head administrator for a joke about her mutism by kicking said administrator etc.

Chapter 3 – The mrk0 accident

yeemi decided to rejoin under an alt called RagingRegion, initially denying it was her, although it was pretty obvious from her behaviour. It took me very little to realise it was her just by chatting for a few minutes. The issue started here: the game Sea of Thieves, which SirWeeb and yeemi often play together, was brought up. I said I had never played it and likely never will, to which she replied with “cause I'll never invite u”. Then, she talked about playing a game of UNO with another head admin and a friend of hers. I asked if I could join as well, and the reply was a very nice and welcoming “no”. At this point I'm kinda pissed and I start having Vietnam flashbacks of what happened back in June, explained above in the post, which results in me calling her a wh*re and a pile of sh*t (first insult had no further meaning behind it other than a simple insult) by changing her nickname in the server. Once SirWeeb noticed this, he decided to demote me from head admin to support. I apologised to him in DMs multiple times as I had fully realised I reacted very poorly, explaining him what happened. Although I didn't get my role back, everything seemed fine, until the day after. In the morning me and him were talking about Roblox's new beta feature, and after that, I was talking normally to yeemi/RagingRegion in the server about Roblox and C++, on which she flashcarded me asking me what stdcall is, saying I should know since I know what the std namespace is (this hints at her code being bad). Around an hour or two after this, without explanation, I get banned from Novaline and its staff server from SirWeeb himself. I ask in Dms why that happened, and as a reply I get a gif of Andrew Tate's ass on a speech bubble (very funny SirWeeb, thank you).
As per why I got banned, he said he can do whatever he wants as it's his server and therefore his property, then he proceeded to say he has no issue with anyone talking to her, and right after saying he has an issue with me talking to her, contradicting himself.

Chapter 4 – mrk0 accident aftermath

People start asking why I'm gone, to which SirWeeb, of course, replies with “irrelevant info” or just doesn't reply at all. This amount of questions and the amount of people asking to bring me back manages to make me like Voldemort from Harry Potter, “the one who shall not be named”. RagingRegion/yeemi is still in the server, saying some rather nonsensical stuff about code, having an argument about not being able to join a cracked server with a premium account (in which she was wrong, however she kept trying to be right and ended up bringing her autism in once again), crying to people correcting her for not knowing the difference between “your” and “you're”, saying that she's extremely disabled with level 3 ASD and all the other mental illnesses she has, and that's why (even though she's fully capable of far more advanced English and having extended conversations with people). This “your/you're” argument ended up with yet another head admin banned from the server by SirWeeb.

Chapter 5 – yeemi's past and present

yeemi is quite a bit of a weird person to say the least. Has the audacity to call people disgusting for making fun of her autism (even when they actually aren’t doing so), while she’s the disgusting person in reality. She’s sent nsfw images and messages to underaged users in multiple instances (some of which won’t be included here for the sake of their privacy, by their own request), allegedly online dated a 13-14 yo called Zero while she was 17-18 (everyone I’ve talked to says he was 13-14, with one person saying he was 16 so this one is up to you to interpret), has plenty of hentai/ecchi wallpapers for Wallpaper Engine, some of which don’t quite look 18+ (or even 12+), and has even called me a pedo for dating my girlfriend, saying that she's 13 and I'm almost 18, while in reality I'm 17 and my girlfriend is 16, with less than a year of a gap.
She says code is her thing, while her code is actually pretty bad in multiple languages, filled with bad practices. She also makes some extremely smart claims, like saying doubles are not floating point numbers and flaunting her reverse engineering skills as a way to prove that, or saying that “using namespace std;” isn’t bad practice in C++, or even saying that WPF and Winforms are equally as good.

Old accounts of hers that got termed with proof of the nsfw messages:

Her calling me a pedo (very ironic amirite)

“Doubles aren't floating point numbers”

“using namespace std isn't bad practice”

“Winforms is as good as WPF”

And here are some more rather funny screenshots: (says her as she streamed Wallpaper Engine hentai wallpapers with no repercussions at all)

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So I've Been Working On This C# Memory Library For Whatever Reason I Wanna See What People Think Should I Release It Or Just Leave It In Junk, I'll Upload A Few Images Below Of What It Can Do Currently, It Rn Has Maybe 80% Of The x86 OpCodes, It Has Some Bugs But It Works Somewhat Lol. Give Me Thoughts Below

Writing Instructions


Reading Instructions From Memory


My OpCode Enum

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Same As Kiwi Said Remove Zeus And Furk You Don't Have Permissions To Use Them.

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