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Replied to thread: Help! I can't launch krnl!

@mrkod are u 100% sure u have windows 8.1??? do windows key + r then type winver and press enter, ss and post here.

Replied to thread: Synapse x LAGGG

@Ralkick you can still ask, just dont expect much support lol. Synapse x has their own support i think.

Replied to thread: looking for a certain script details in thread

why do u want the script? thought u quit exploiting lol

Replied to thread: Synapse x LAGGG

these forums aren't really a place for synapse x support.

Replied to thread: give me yor fries

no no no no no no

Replied to thread: multi roblox not working

Gonna need more information 

Replied to thread: JJsploit doesnt appear on my desktop

just launch it from the start menu?????????

Replied to thread: Okay let me explain my new Pfp (and discord tag)

You dont need to explain this.

Replied to thread: (PSA) stay away from proxo

i will now go download and use proxo thank you funtimes.

Replied to thread: Dilscombobulate

ok ok ok oko kokokookok okokok okko ko kokok

Replied to thread: who knows a good (completely free) key presser?

your hands lol

Replied to thread: [Open Source] Private Discord Bot


Replied to thread: Verticality Exploit Coming Out soon!

@MCgamin1738 he has posted this exact same thread several times in a short span of time, i had to delete like 5 threads.