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Replied to thread: heres just a dump of the roblox addresses that you might need idk

xdumper is broken i has been updating for an long time so most of these are not correct

Replied to thread: ~ Wine Official Version 3.2 Leaks | One Of A Kind | Revolutionary Exploit ~

Nexus42 is getting good at C# but i recommend put an check box to disable ui edit mode since it will be annoying to use

Replied to thread: Free Exploit Key Bypass Methods

@iDevastate dont worry about skids

Replied to thread: Why you should not use Freenom

@CastOnYT use it then when it expires make an new acc and but an new .com then profit

Replied to thread: petition to remove kiwi x

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Replied to thread: Free exploit Kronos | Update v1.12 | partially supports owlhub | Loadstrings | BootStrapper | And more


please change your ui its an copy also if you use an api the ui is most important thing so keep it orignal :--)

Replied to thread: Help with DLL INJECTOR

its easier in C++ then in C# use C++

Replied to thread: Petition to remove dansploit



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Replied to thread: JJSploit/WRD API Updates

@2JJ1 wearedev api update go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Replied to thread: Why you should not use Freenom

i think go daddy offers the first .com domain 1$ for the first year

Replied to thread: My new Windows 7 VM

looks good lel i dont know what to write

Replied to thread: LUA Script for kicking for JJS

you need an server sided executor to do that