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@TotallyNotWabzIf Your Making An Exploit, Your Most Likely Interested In Programming

Replied to thread: how to create a MultiTab who will help I give the serial key to synapse x

@TotallyNotWabzCorrection: If You Cant Code, Learn To Code

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@ThatPhoenixNope, I Never Made The Coco UI, But I Can Make A UI If I Want To, And Most Of The C# Code In The UI Is By Me, I Just Dont Do Designing Much

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@ThatPhoenix I Never Knew C# That Well Back In April Either, But Now Im Fluent In C#. I Dont Know Everything, But I Know Quite Alot

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@AntharesThat Screenshot Can Be Easily Faked, Who Its Sent By Is Cut Off, So It Could Be Fake And Just Sent By Nexus, Which Is The More Likely Option.

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About The Replies Above, C++ Code Can Be Decompiled Using Ida Pro, It Has A Decompiler Addon. You Can Protect Your Code Using Either VMProtect Or Themida, Themida Is Better But Has A Larger Performance Impact, Which Is Why Roblox For Example Uses VMProtect

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Here's A Version With The Color Removed So Its Readable For Dark Mode Users

Alright, im pretty bored whilst making this thread due to nothing to do so im going to start off the thread. I have recently obtained Synapse X yesterday and rejoined the discord server after getting blacklisted on my last account from May 26th. So, i will be reviewing the exploits, calamari, sentinel, sirhurt, and synapse since those are the only 4 exploits i necessarily own. And realize this is my own opinion and i wont be posting benchmarks, you do that yourself. (Stop tryna sell your synapse account jex you can get blacklisted)


Starting things off, Calamari. In all honesty Calamari isn't necessarily my favorite exploit, i particularly dislike it infact because its decompiler is broken, and its execution is very limited. Its obviously not in krnl's league and has LBI execution unlike Sirhurt, Sentinel and Krnl which use bytecode conversion. But of course that isnt necessarily a bad thing. I am no c++ developer however i generally believe for 7.50$ its a fair deal regarding the fact calamari supports almost all apple devices and Windows. It conquers many platforms such as Jailbroken IOS, MacOS, and Windows. Its definetely a goto if your a mac user, but people which use mac for exploiting are very limited on what they can do with calamari. Its update time takes around a day or so, which kinda is like protos update time but realize they need to update all supported platforms. So, overall i give calamari a 6/10.


Now let's talk about Sirhurt. Sirhurt is an exploit which was made way back in 2015 and was one of the more popular exploits within the community. I don't necessarily dislike sirhurt as an exploit at all. It's injection takes less than a second or so and its pretty good in execution. The price for sirhurt is 10 USDs which is fair for its price. Sirhurt has recieved alot of backlash this month because of its security being pretty bad. More than 4+ sirhurt admins / upper management had either shown the information to the public or messed around with the system itself. Sirhurt is said to now officially encrypt your data but is known for having a pedo as an owner and childish staff members. The update time takes a few hours. Overall the exploit i think is a 7/10 but the company itself needs major work.


Alright next up is Sentinel. Sentinel was an exploit made back in early 2019 but got discontinued for whatever reasons there were. Sentinel was made by 2 groups, vashta and hexus. Sentinel was my one alternative from synapse when i was blacklisted but didnt support me that well. Sentinel uses bytecode conversion just like sirhurt however they have no decompiler as of yet, less functions, but pretty good injection and execution speed. The price for Sentinel is 15 USDs and i believe sentinel's price could be a bit lower. Sentinel's ui is absolutely gorgeous for many people and functions well. However sentinel has backlash for trying to compete with synapse. The development team for sentinel has pkamara, customality, kowalski, and 2 protosmasher devs. The update time for sentinel is also a few hours like sirhurt. It's a decent option but sometimes things break such as the drawing api when it updates. (That was the reason why sirmeme couldn't run unnamed esp, but its fixed now). I rate it a 7/10 also.


Finally Synapse X. Synapse was an exploit made back in 2016 but was originally named Raindrop. It was a huge success due to the reliability, functionality and features. Synapse has a built in lua U decompiler, supports almost every script within the community due to its popularity and in all honesty is worth the price of 20 USDs. Synapse is an HVM so execution is slower however it sacrifices speed for power. Synapse is mainly used for lua developers to either create their scripts or to just mess around. It has 20,000+ buyers and has updates time to time. Its update time depends on when the developers are active. Sometimes it can take a day or a couple of hours. Overall i rate Synapse a 10/10 like any other normie would.


Now you maybe wondering what exploit should i get? In my opinion, purchase calamari if you use mac. Purchase Sirhurt if you want a decently powerful exploit for a cheap price. Purchase sentinel if you just want to try something new and purchase synapse if you have some money in your wallet and if you want to get into lua scripting or run every script you desire.

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@2JJ1Roblox Seems To Of Messed With Getdatamodel

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I Like Ace, Looks Better Than Monaco/FCTB IMO

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Another Thing To The List

If Your Exploit Has A Drawing Lib And Crashes On Injection

Try Installing DirectX9

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Nice Expose!

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It Would Be $19/Month Since I Would Imagine WRD Needs The Business Plan

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11/10 Totally Not Biased Since I Helped Make It Or Anything