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Replied to thread: Which programming language do you prefer?

I Use A Mix Of Python, C# And C++

Replied to thread: congrats coco z & dansploit

People Noticed Coco, Idk About Dansploit, But Thanks :)

Replied to thread: What are the fullstack languages?

@RealNickk Tornado Is Also A Good Alternative To Flask When Using Python, I Use It

Replied to thread: WRD Api suggestion

@Moon People Use Krnl's DLL Like Its An API So Not Really Lol

Replied to thread: selling cheap robux

"im selling cheap" That Is Cheap Compared To Roblox Prices, But Expensive Asf Compared To Other People In The Community. You Can Find $3/1k Quite Easily On V3rm Without Much Effort. You Also Don't Have Much Rep, So People Are Even Less Likely To Overpay

Replied to thread: WRD Api suggestion

It Has Which Is Has The Same Use Case As debug.getinfo

Do You Really Expect A Free API To Have A Decompiler

setlocal, setlocals Are Both Pre Luau Functions

getscriptclosure Would Be Nice To See, But It's A Free API That Doesn't Even Have A KS, Your Expectations Are Too High

Replied to thread: What IDEs do you use (or text editors)

VS for C#/C++, Jetbrains For Anything Else, Not VSCode Since From My Experience Its Pretty Buggy

Replied to thread: I officially deny all allegations that I am "Bobby the Cat"

You Are Bobby The Cat Though. This Has Gone On Too Long, If I Cared Enough I Could Go Through Our DMs And Find Proof That You're Bobby The Cat Bruh

Replied to thread: [MEDIUM] JoiGuard Protection - Find the Secret Key

@RealNickk Yep, I Just Got The Same :)

Replied to thread: Add an CS:GO Section

@Delta Yeah, If The Site Expands From Roblox + Programming, An Other Section Would Make More Sense Due To The Amount Of Other Games There Is

Replied to thread: Custom Dll Developer

A DLL From Either iDev Or Showerhead Starts At $350/Month, There's Other People Who Make DLLs Aswell But I'm Not Sure Exactly How Much They Charge, But It Will Be Around That Price. Your Not Getting A DLL For 100 Robux, It Just Isn't Happening.

Replied to thread: (CW) Illusion & simplydev/simplydothings stealing Kiwi V2 styles & false advertising

@Blueless People Can Make A Whole UI In That Time, With Custom Styles, I Dont See Your Point Here

Replied to thread: [Release] Nihon V2 | Exploiting In Style 😎

Vouch, Cool Exploit

Totally Not Biased Since I Make Nihon Key Sys

Replied to thread: [Response] Illusion and his false accusations

@ThatPhoenix Yep, And Static Source Contains .xaml.cs Files Since Its WPF, Just Like Nihon