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@Delta Ily

Replied to thread: Update on the situation

POV being the CEO of Google and having access to all databases

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Common Anya W

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Can I get a discount sir?

Replied to thread: my new exploit

Oh god no




(Ofc the skid GoldenCheats vouches)

Replied to thread: dll inject error

3 skids above yikes

Replied to thread: Who is the best person on wrd in ur books?

Surprised SkieHacker wasn't mentioned. During the pandemic he was posting funny ep's almost every week. Overall a cool dude too.

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Does it give us free robux??

Replied to thread: jon is seriously a great dude with a lot of passion

Jon's the G.O.A.T I have a lot of happy memories from the forums, like the time skie released his first series and stuff for WRD.

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@GoldenCheats You didn't read anything I said by the looks of it. Cope harder skid.

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@GoldenCheats No, using API's are fine aslong as you're not trying to circumvent security you ape.

iDev gains zero by having his DLL stolen. You're twisting my words and I wouldn't be surprised if you were part of this project.

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Skidded exploit 0/10 


Furky and Zeus Owner (Tony) spend 100s of dollars a month to 'rent' an API from iDev, and you think it's ok to steal it?

And don't tell me you had no idea.. For you to add Furk DLL and Zeus DLL you had to bypass some security settings for it to work.

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Developers will always find a way

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Looks like every other UI