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Replied to thread: Account got disabled add me if you added me in my old acc

Imagine getting disabled

Replied to thread: Alternative exploit?

@simplydev Your opinion, Idm

Replied to thread: Alternative exploit?

Kiwi X is working with multiple API's you can choose from :)

Replied to thread: WRD++ Old UI option

This UI is better imo.

Replied to thread: Exploit API rewritten again (No more Windows 7 support)

Thanks for the update

Replied to thread: {Kenom} Thoughts on Kenom UI?

Honest Opinion: Very Generic

Replied to thread: Token Logging Trend?

@Moon Dude who logged Chrons demanded $25, not exactly 'harmless' 👀

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How about no badges?



Replied to thread: [Service] Interface Designer

+ Vouch


// chars

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Delta (LittleKiller) is the only person I'd vouch for UI's right now. Very trust worthy, patient & respectable. - Kiwixcoke

Replied to thread: (COUNTER-CW) kiwixcoke and slapping him with some facts.

@Rexi Not going to bother with this argument so I just deleted my original post. Go back to what you do best (scamming DLL's) and not @ me again.


Also: Didn't expose myself. Me wanting to ban someone from a server I made and built from the ground up is entirely my decision and I do whatever is best for the server. Ducxy hasn't liked me for months and he took this situation as an opportunity to try and ban me after I put him in charge of WHD.

Replied to thread: (COUNTER-CW) kiwixcoke and slapping him with some facts.

Not going to bother reading, already proved everything here:


This thread replies are blatantly filled with bias from either the developers you hired, or people you give special treatment to.


Where as my thread comes from people who I didn't even ask to deffend me, and is 100% factual. You're not respected, and never will be.


EDIT: Just noticed the last screenshot is shown as if I'm bragging about fame LMAO, SHOW THE PREVIOUS MESSAGES. IT'S RELATED TO MY CHARACTER SINCE I KNEW DUCXY FOR OVER A YEAR. This is the kind of sh!t you put into counter CW's to try and convince people you're not bad LOL

Replied to thread: What do you think of this UI????

Sorry but no

Replied to thread: Best free exploit?

@Nexus42 You're the same guy who got caught logging Discord Tokens?

Replied to thread: Changes With Nihon

We can never forget you immoon *sends virtual hug*