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Young developer. Contact me at Any possible alt accounts except my bot are not mine and is from my vpn/proxy.


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Replied to thread: What APIs work?

wrdapi is working fine, and its actually not crap at executing now

for any other apis, i have no idea

Replied to thread: [Source] Simple installer

the only time an installer helps is for automatically installing the redistributables and .net framework runtimes

Replied to thread: teektacker v57

This convo kinda makes no sense to me, but I can tell some stupid things are being said like script context level 7 being serverside. Anyways, classicat got banned for a reason, don't drag crap from him into here.

Replied to thread: [Website Bug] Load More button misplaced

yeah i noticed this just make a css override to temp fix it until jon fixes it lol

Replied to thread: Making UI libs for free

its cool to see people offering free services, it's not common

Replied to thread: What’s a good tool for making scripts?

vscode + Roblox LSP + hydroxide + dex = yes

Replied to thread: how to updet oxen.

Create a Lua api then update its addys ez

Replied to thread: Lagswitch with key script

settings().Network.IncommingReplicationLag = nLagSeconds

Replied to thread: what is the use of C++ in reblex exploiting

c++ is just the easiest way to make an exploit's dll


its possible in c# but requires a lot more dirty work


it can even be done in lua (i think someone made an executor in lua for cheat engine)

Replied to thread: Replication Filtering Bypass

very interesting

this will probably be patched almost instantly if this gets used lol

Replied to thread: please lagswitch

settings().Network.IncommingReplicationLag = math.huge -- activate
settings().Network.IncommingReplicationLag = 0 -- deactivate

you wont time out with this so you can wait indefinitely if you wanted

Replied to thread: Should I Also Do Game Development?

@TERIHAX you can use remoteevents for replicating arms and gun movement/spawning

Replied to thread: Should I Also Do Game Development?

A shooter game would be nice, especially in first person. Try to learn how CFrame math works, I followed a guide and made a pretty nice gun framework in a few days:


Replied to thread: [RELEASE] FULL Memcheck bypass