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Reverse Engineer and Programmer. My possible alt accounts are not mine and are from sharing IP addresses. I have one official alt that I haven’t logged into in a year.


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Replied to thread: what button i jjspolit makes fly work lol



ok so download fly exploit and use that instead or execute a script to fly jjsploit cant do that alone

Replied to thread: rate my Reputation bad, i wanna get it to -100

@crazy_cat well said comrade

Replied to thread: rate the ui for atonix v1.5

not too bad 7/10

Replied to thread: [CW] IcePools - Pedophilia, Blackmails, Poor Security & More

cant wait for a drama explosion on this platform

Replied to thread: TuxHurt [Help us make all Exploits support GNU/Linux!] [Free Key!]

@Rexi what a disappointment smh

Replied to thread: TuxHurt [Help us make all Exploits support GNU/Linux!] [Free Key!]

Just switched to Arch Linux as a main OS not too long ago. Nice release.

Replied to thread: I'm a little paranoid about what Roblox could do with our IP addresses

IP banning (for has been and is being used for serious platform offenses. It's so easy to change your IP address though, like come on you can unplug your router for five minutes or call up your ISP to change it. Not a big deal.


Your IP address is a public thing so idk why people are so scared and sensitive of people having your IP address. It's a relative location, sure but it's not like that matters much. It only tells you like, the county (not country, county) you're in? Not a big deal. Most thats gonna happen is you get booted offline from a 12 year old in his grandma's basement...scary?


I can see a problem with selfhosting, but that's why you use services like Cloudflare's Argo Tunnel to avoid people from accessing resources that they shouldn't be touching.

Replied to thread: My Discord Server For Projects

@Murz :troll:

Replied to thread: My Discord Server For Projects

@ThatPhoenix absolutely nothing!

Replied to thread: Can you guys rate the executor ui (i literally don't know how to use wpf so made in winforms)

ok honestly its not too bad but its not very good either (mainly color choice)

Replied to thread: tell me whyyy

Ain't nothin' but a heartache

Ain't nothin' but a mistake

I never wanna hear you say

I want it that way

sorry i had to do it

Replied to thread: Rate my new UI

colors arent good i dont like

Replied to thread: tottaly not skkidded ui 11!!!111! rate !!1!

this is equivalent to 0.2 ply toilet paper