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@gardnerpreston what 💀💀

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It is sad to see respected members fall to immaturity. It's never too late for them to stop and fix their problems. This is just a rabbit hole: the deeper, the worse.

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@mwc94087 Send it to me for $420 return

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@ThatPhoenix Get on my level ive only been doing this for 3 years :smiling_imp:

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@DeepPain I know I had e-secks (secxting) with the boys in the group chat one day but I was just screwing around. Women > men. 

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@Spanksterria Most annoying exploits are apisploits with a key system. Makes zero sense.

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@mwc94087 I find males very unattractive but women 🥵🥵🔥🔥

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Trigon isn't very good in my opinion. Isn't it like some Axon paste too?

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@Rexi Nonsense. Your brand isn't professional if your community isn't, because that's where all communication is done. You should be obligated to provide, help, and fairly manage, whether you like it or not. It's good practice, good morals, and altogether professional. If you can't do that, have fun in the real world. You may argue saying you'll create exploits for a living, but what if that plan plummets? What if you are so immature people start disrespecting you?


Now listen, I know you love your girlfriend and I believe she loves you too. So I'll tell you this: if your girlfriend is backseat driving, you need to have a serious talk with her about it. If she doesn't change after two to three times of having that specific serious conversation, you got a problem on your hands. You may want to consider breaking up at that point. Would you rather have an immature girlfriend and possibly get your heart destroyed, or break up at that moment and not suffer as much heartbreak? I believe she truly loves you and she'll change for you. Both of you, please have that talk. This is sincere, friend to friend. I'd say this to anyone with relationship problems.


Now, if you're just doing the driving only, I know you may feel defensive about comments, but here's the most useful advice in life: if someone is pissing you off, just ignore them. It's simple and effective. If they continue, have a talk with them. NOT A WARNING OR THREAT. THAT WILL DO NOTHING. This will end their insulting comments if they accidentally said it and didn't mean to say it that way. Calmly tell them you don't appreciate what they said and you'd like if they wouldn't continue. Now, if they still continue, ignore them. They'll eventually get bored of it. This is psychologically proven with studies. If you don't show irritation, rather show that you're compassionate, they'll either get bored and stop or they'll start to like you (in a friend way). Think about what your girlfriend thinks. If she really loves you, which I hope she does, your girlfriend loves you enough to know that what people say about you or her doesn't matter. Talk to her about it.


I didn't think you'd take my previous advice. You're pretty much blinded. Listen: please consider my advice. I look up to you, but this is very serious and it'll change my view on you if you don't change. I thought you were better than this.

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If you patch a single byte in your C# program, you'll crack it. You just have to reverse the conditional jump that checks if the password is correct.


If you want your source to be secure, you're going to have to put a lot of time into it. First, have a form ask for a password, yada yada. Use a server to authenticate them and check. USE HASHES, SALTS, AND A HARDCODED PEPPER. DONT STORE PASSWORDS AS PLAINTEXT.  Then if you're authenticated you can download an obfuscated binary to the memory which you can then execute in the same process. It'll consume a lot of RAM but it's resistant to copying and pasting. You'd have to dump the memory of the process after authentication to get the real executable.


Again, no client code is ever safe. If you can make all of your client code work through a server, it'll be safe.

Replied to thread: [CW - Short version] SirWeeb and his gf: hypocrisy, role abuse and awful behaviour both in and outside Novaline

@Rexi @SirWeeb


I've actually had the time to analyze the CW without skimming it. I agree that Yeemi has a few issues. However, the behavior is an issue. From the OP, and the comments to this thread, I need to speak about this.


I'm going to have to disagree with both Rexi and SirWeeb. You're essentially running an unregistered organization. It is in no way mature or even professional to take action on someone for small things like that. Human resource departments take care of that for you, but these aren't companies with HR. You people just need to learn how to deal with people when they don't do what you want. Anyone who manages a department in a real company has to deal with people they don't like on a daily basis, and they just have to go with it. It is unacceptable to be ridiculous.


Think about it like this: if I manage a department as an adult but someone insulted my wife, would I fire them? I wouldn't. If I fired them over something so significantly small, I'd be sh*tcanned.


I never realized that a lot of the leaders of the exploiting community are respected but personally they're not mature at all and don't know how to handle someone when they piss you off.


In personal friendships you could talk it out instead of blocking someone. In an organization you will have to deal with it. This isn't about doing something for your lover, rather maintaining a good reputation and organization and STICKING TO MORALS. A LOT of you guys have garbage morals. Clean yourselves up. If your girlfriend will break up with you because she told you to end a friendship and you didn't, then she doesn't love you. If she will break up with you because you didn't fire someone that she wanted you to, she doesn't love you. Trust me here. If she's doing that, she's manipulating you and she knows that full and well. Trust me, if she's doing that, please end the relationship with her. If she really loved you she wouldn't care about other people. Don't let your love for her blind you. If you can't break up with her, you're not mature enough to handle a relationship with someone.


None of you will listen to my advice because you're going to be like "nah she loves me" but this is as factual as it gets. Stop being immature and deal with the problem like a man.