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Created a new thread: Roblox keeps kicking me out with error 268

So, I firstly injected JJ. All was Ok. After that I decided to try KRNL, and closed its command prompt window when it asked me for key (Roblox closed as well). And after this I keep getting 268 on place launches. The main thing is, if I try to launch any place on any account from my PC, the error spreads to other devices. But running unaffected accounts from mobile doesn't brick my game, so I suspect I got shadowbanned by hardware. Any suggestions?

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@Moon i luv your site says it's "

Unpatchable & Undetectable Exploits"

Created a new thread: When the update will come out?

The last update for jjsploit was november 18. So now when i try to inject it says outdated version! PLS GUYS

Replied to thread: Dansploit dont work

Try disabling av and use ms edge on chromium

Replied to thread: Attach Buttons still doesn't work!

@JalapenoGuy I was trying it yesterday, but it does not work 😫😫😫😫

Created a new thread: Attach Buttons still doesn't work!

I've wrote you about this problem some days ago. You updated exploit, ok. But injection buttons AREN'T working. When I click any button on newely opened session of cheat, it thinks for some seconds and does nothing, and then when I press buttons, it goes nowhere. No any errors. I have vcredist, .net framework and directx. Can it be caused by Windows x64 2004 activated by KMS?

Created a new thread: JSploit doesn't want to inject!

So I've installed JJ just 1 hoiur ago and was trying injecting it. But when I press attach classic/beta button, it does nothing. If I try to inject dll with Extreme Injector (Manual Map), cmd with jjsploit text opens and game crashes. Also the update is stuck on the 7th of october. It seems that the developer have just died


Created a new thread: JJSPLOIT Update

What's the diffrence betweeen Classic and Beta injection methods?

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@ghandy Already installed

Replied to thread: All exploits (except JJSploit) aren't injecting!

@winterforever It's not working for months!!

Created a new thread: All exploits (except JJSploit) aren't injecting!

I tried reinstalling Visual C++ and .NET Framework, but it didn't work (infinite injection). Any suggestions?


Windows 10 x64 1909


P.S.: It was working on my Previous PC (Windows 7 x32 SP3)

Replied to thread: PLS Fix JJSPloit!

Any game///

Replied to thread: how to fix the "exploit is currently patched..." it keeps happening when i try to attach

It seems that it is really patched, because when I inject it, roblox crashes after random amount of time. But I wonder how I played Lab Experiment today without crashes?

Created a new thread: JJsploit fixed!

Just want to say that Roblox doesn't crash now! Thanks to WRD!

Replied to thread: I cant download JJSploit.

If it's smartscrenn, press show more button and run (I mean - press underlined text and run. I'm russian and don't know, how is it written in english)