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Created a new thread: Dead by roblox gui

This is a fixed version of my old dead by roblox gui and works and if anything doesn't work reply to this thread and ill fix your problem but don't expect me to fix your problem when this is like one year old XD

Replied to thread: Protect Your Guis From Being Blocked From Games

still what happens if the creator puts a script into game and tests it even if you cant sandbox they could use a free exploit ik some are rats but use something like idk maybe jjsploit or even they might synapse x they can use dex to find name of gui and make a script to delete it

Replied to thread: everybody should agree

i agree nobody should put rats in there exploits

Replied to thread: {N E W} Hecking GUI V2! | Script hub | functions | and more!

most of the stuff i tried didnt work and heres the script with all components incase you couldnt figure it out lol


loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()
loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()
loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()

Replied to thread: SimpleHaxV1 (By me)

Pretty good no issues the only problem i had is im more of a dark theme guy but tbh i dont care a few people like dark and a few like light just not my personal choice :D and gg on the tp idk how to do that lol

Replied to thread: ReDevs X Official Updated Source Code | Themes, Auto Joiner, And More!

you may have logged them too see how many people use your exploit but you could have used a bot that adds up numbers for that if you didnt log the tokens none of these problems would have happened

Created a new thread: Protect Your Guis From Being Blocked From Games

Hi i have made function called protect this allows u to protect guis credit to autist69420#3301 for the RandomCharacters function idk if anybody else made the function i just got it from him lol link to it below

Created a new thread: Horror Tycoon GUI

This is a op gui i made for horror tycoon all credits are in the panel called Credits :D