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any proof? Isn't kronos owned by a guy Nitro? All i remember is charliezkie being immensly illiterate.

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Thats because you paste pareX monaco on the daily and change 0 elements.

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Honestly its best that you guys quit while you can, seeing only one bumped dispute thread gets boring

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4th ui on spot, laxion is a great designer and can be trusted with your payment. He delivers in a decent time and is very friendly.

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It needs some work, dont be overly too unique. Try something simpler and way more polished.

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Ya gotcha, thanks for letting me know. Laxion got his money back no worries

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Reversed mind explaining the cb dispute you made on laxion over the shadow ui?


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Its a banger, but the devs love milking money out of your pockets now and then with limited bloodlines.

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Why are you all vouching for a mediocre exploit? If it's to be nice you might as well be misleading anybody who is willing to try it.

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its horrid, perfect for the halloween season

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no, many do. Blockchain, coinbase, and much more. But if you want one where you dont need to put any detail into, go for exodus

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Your not rlly wrong but the subject is iffy

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What tabs? If your talking abt tab ctrl i use my own for every ui i make, feel free to check out the tab style in the ui if you plop it into dnspy.