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Replied to thread: Aspect's New Coming UI

Im not involved in maximus's issue, i didnt do aspect's c# backend and didnt skid maximus's code

Replied to thread: Dansploit, Smooth Interface, Owlhub/Darkhub, Full Bytecode, Search games, Auto login,

Despite what people say about dansploit being a horrible exploit, i legitimately think daniel puts hard work into this program per update and tries very hard with his marketing. Dansploit aside I believe Daniel should deserve a bit of respect for what he does on the daily.

Replied to thread: Visual Studio's new 2022 update (pog)

vs 2022 preview blend sucks, too many bugs, storyboard issues and extreme lag. There should be no reason why you should use this for ui design


Replied to thread: why does wearedevs keep stopping and going down



Dunno who it would be, hes spamming attacks at this point.

Replied to thread: WPF Ui's (Cheap Ui's)

They all suck, wouldnt pay a penny for any of these whatsoever. Overpriced and bad.

Replied to thread: EXPLOIT SHOWCASES (100 ROBUX)

i mean its really cheap but i dont see a reason

Replied to thread: Really Cheap UIs

i mean they're metiocre at best but gl. 800 rbx is like 5 usds as of now so i think thats fair

Replied to thread: [Chat] Global Chat | Triton Xen

i would prefer not to use anything chat related / account related made by you no offense


10 bucks take or leave

Replied to thread: [Exploit] Atlantis | "Custom DLL" | Good Community | Owned by Your Local Kindergarten

good thing they removed the copy of my ui :uwu:

Replied to thread: Do you think that Rexi deserves another chance?

possibly, dunno

Replied to thread: Feedback | Rate Acrylix's UI

Everybody saying old acrylix rgb ui was better are lgbtq fags

Replied to thread: [RATE] Rate my website ?/10!

I mean 4/10 for creativity

Replied to thread: Is this really what ProtoSmasher looks like

No, proto no longer uses an external ui for what I know. And it doesnt get any updates.

Replied to thread: if you could unpatch any script which script would you unpatch?

change ingame username