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imo i've learnt a lot compared to 2 years ago when i just began lego hacking so i have to say that this forum benefitted me a lot and now i just occassionaly go on this to help ppl with stuff despite some people in this community who are very toxic. i fully respect ur decision to leave this lego hacking community tho lol

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bitcoin's pretty volatile lmao it could go up 100% but then -500% the next day. if ur looking for a long-term investment, then u should probably just invest in mutual funds like VTI so u can just invest and forget about it. 


otherwise, u should just invest in YOURSELF so when u r older u won't regret wasting your childhood on lego hacks 



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me join WendoJ#9239

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Anemo Executor with great design and a CUSTOM API! [No Key System!]

how do u get treeview to look like that wat

Replied to thread: [New] Gizmo- Free Roblox exploit

that ui is so sleek and modern and good wtaf

Replied to thread: nebula ui again

imo the one before looks better lol

Replied to thread: There are exploits for roblox in android now!?

wait what


is this using cheat engine or a rooted device?

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welcome back i havent seen u in a long time lol

Replied to thread: Wendy/Wendeeznuts | Skidding and sharing.

y u guys slandering my name

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r u the joe because joesploit from 2 years ago

Replied to thread: Noblesse - New roblox exploit (beta)

noblesse was good

so this good?

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@Moon wait what oops i have short term memory loss

i thought it didnt send because it's not in my threads list