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i make uis for free (payment optional) but you gotta ask at the right time ;)


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my cat is lonely and needs pets regularly about 5 pets a second and he hates the feel of my hands so I don't pet him please pet him for me :isforme:

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@0x777_ yes i pet him all the time but he hates the feel of my hand

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commercial here lol

remember when athera made a commercial

coco makes better ones

yeah totally



Replied to thread: Base API - Too lazy to develop your own api for your dll? We have a ready-made source for you!



it's supposed to be the case when you're too lazy to make an api after making dll


Created a new thread: Base API - Too lazy to develop your own api for your dll? We have a ready-made source for you!

i got really bored so i made baseapi


based out of mercadesystem which was my first attempt at making an api
uses some coco code which is a mishmash of mc's and my code, thought the code present on this dll is some part axon simple ui execute code some part parex's puppymilk tutorial thread because i couldn't get puppymilk to inject via my primitive methods and some part my bad code which mc will say "what a disaster" or something like that


somewhat resembles the codebase of helios api (which i also made) but it's designed to be more customizable, and is way more stripped down


apis are a great way to advertise your exploit, but maybe you spent too much of your time making a DLL, baseapi is here to help.


it's an easy way to make apis, in fact, it's so easy, you only need to change text in one single class, and it only takes 10 seconds if you already have the requirements on hand:


- API Name (Name of API, Example: BaseAPI)
- API Install Link (Where the API installs the DLL, use a Direct DLL Download hosted preferrably on gitlab, don't install from a text file)

- DLL Name (The name of DLL, pretty self explanitory)
- DLL Pipe (The pipe of the DLL, pretty self explanitory)


To use BaseAPI after setting it up, build it via the Release folder, use it as a reference, and now, you're ready to implement it:

To implement it, you start with:
"Using BaseAPI;"


Under your Public Partial Class, do:


Exploit BaseAPI = new Exploit();


thought note "BaseAPI" can be anything


On your "Public", do:



On your Inject, do:



On your Execute Button, do:



Credits to:

Rakion: Execute Code
PareX: Puppy Milk Injection Code



This API uses the GNU General Public License v3.0, meaning you can use it commercially, modify, and distribute BaseAPI, but you CANNOT make your modified BaseAPI closed source (do not obfuscate the API), deny the use of BaseAPI, or use a difference license for your own fork of BaseAPI. You must respect this license when using BaseAPI.





i hope this doesn't become another hexo where my work has been taken without credit, please credit baseapi src, i worked hard to make this user friendly <3

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I'm sorry, but this is just horrendus, inconsistent, huge borders, unnecessary shadows, this UI needs to have more thought.

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good job laxion i pet u yes i do yes i do

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@InternetWxrm it's just krnlpipe iirc


@0x777_ pet cat

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You can do it buy using the DLL Tester feature thought currently it doesn't save DLL state, so we are trying to develop a solution for people who want permanent use.


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@Plusgaming You can use KRNL dll on Coco, and we're planning to make it so you can make that option permanently if you wanted to :)


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@Goooglethat is real time posting and that's sus are you a robot 😳😳😳😳😳

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no you shhhh you shhhh you don't leak synapse's secret or they will be brankrupted! i tell you, bankrupted!

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recommendation, use a width of 1280.

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when roadblocks come to tesla