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Replied to thread: ROBLOX ON GAME CONSOLES?

This is just Controller Support. You can see the various names of various first and third party controllers, i'm pretty sure most if not all of them can be connected to the PC in some way (thought XBOX is easiest)


You can use ROBLOX with most if not any controller (I sometimes play ROBLOX on a Chinese Android Gaming Handheld), and i'm assuming these list of controllers is to help with the compatibility and detection of the Controller.


Besides, ROBLOX is already on the Xbox One (albeit it seems to be far behind the Desktop and Mobile counterparts), and if you have an Android TV Box with a controller, that technically counts as a Console than can run ROBLOX.

Replied to thread: Is it necessary to buy more RAM?


downloading ram is very slow

Created a new thread: Is it necessary to buy more RAM?

I like to think that my setup right now is pretty decent, it plays my Games at 60FPS, it's relatively cool, the Case looks beautiful, and there's enough RGB to make the kitty cat jealous.


But whenever i'm trying to export a long framed gif for a Thread Design, I always end up running out of Ram. This causes me to export my gifs into segments and try to piece them together. Which can be really risky.


But it's really only that, that I would need the extra RAM for.


Should I buy more RAM for my PC or not?

Replied to thread: Does anyone know how to use the evon api?


That is only true for the most popular of free exploits, as AdLinks only give you a few cents per user (that means you have to have millions of people using your exploit). Otherwise, most exploits make way below Synapse, and that holds true to Evon, especially with all the expenses Evon has to cover (from the DLL to the Synapse Giveaways). And since Evon's revenue relies heavily on the installs of Evon, not the opening of Evon. They end up losing money from people using their "API" on their own Executors and redistributing that Executor, which will hurt Evon to where their API will be discontinued, your Exploit would no longer function anymore, and you would have to go back to WeAreDevs API.


Just use WeAreDevs API, or don't make an Executor at all. If you don't have the confidence in making Exploits to where you steal private "APIs" just to make your executor better, instead of trying to make your Executor better through stuff you have the ability to do, or the ability to pay for, you probably shouldn't make an Executor at all, because then you know in your heart that you don't have the ability to make something that stands out.

Replied to thread: Does anyone know how to use the evon api?

Here's the thing, you don't! Evon API is made only for Evon, and it is borderline disrespectful to use it without the developer's permission as by using Evon without directly using Evon, the owner doesn't make Money from Evon. So the API shuts down because the API costs money.


Replied to thread: Void Z (Keyless Free Executor)

We need more information than this.



Replied to thread: Bests Roblox exploits with monaco.


waaaa my betterwrd was bugging out don't blame me 

Replied to thread: Give me a unique exploit name

i'm surprised no one has done this before, but mint / mintware sounds like a great name

Replied to thread: Bests Roblox exploits with monaco.


follow the "don't promote your own exploit" challenge dog

Replied to thread: Bests Roblox exploits with monaco.



Synapse used to use Monaco or they are using Monaco?

Replied to thread: [CW] The biggest skid in history: Hexi


While he might've tried to impersonate you, he isn't really trying hard enough to let us know if he's actually trying to copy you. At best, his impersonation is like naming yourself 0x91 after another developer. 

Created a new thread: [CW] The biggest skid in history: Hexi

You may have heard of Hexi before, he's been becoming well known in certain ROBLOX Exploit Development communities for being an incredible Skid., and if you haven't heard of him yet, reading this will tell you everything you need to know about him:


There are a common patterns Hexi does, you can tell pretty quickly, and i've numbered them out.




1. He never actually made anything


First, let's talk about the UI.

It is a 1:1 Paste of Kyxo. It's not copied, he literally took the source of Kyxo and renamed a few things.



His DLL is based off HeadHunter, while he claims he will make a "Real DLL", I believe everyone in the community has their BS Detectors on full blast:




Skids a Certain API I cannot list 1:1:



Oh yeah, and he stole the Logo i made for Acrylix:



2. Pretends to do more than he can actually do:



As you see above, Hexi claims to be a UI Designer and a DLL Developer.
Is this true? No, just no.



Vanity showed Immoon all of the UIs Hexi had on sale, let's talk about them:

  • The first one is directly from Immoon's UI Template with seemingly no mods onto it
  • The second one is directly ripped off Fluxus V1 (I have the proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgsRmJQIThs)
  • The third one, while not directly based off Fluxus V7, copies the general aesthetic


Fake Credits, Neither Joe or Final did any work on the DLL, and while Hexi himself was credited for "making the dll possible", he does not credit Fishy, who actually made the DLL.


What's funnier is the DLL doesn't even have a drawing lib.


"He's So R*****ed

He Put Init Interpreter (LBI)

When Hes Using Headhunter

Which Is Bytecode Compiler"

- ImmuneLion318




3. Attempts to Profit from Freely Avaliable Products:


Yes I know, "Youtuber something something profits from WeAreDevs API, why don't you hate them when you hate Hexi for the same thing?",

Well the difference is, unlike Hexi, Youtubers do contribute to the community, like building a Community for developers, and paying / hiring developers to make their executors which supports the Developers who make them.


Hexi however, the stuff he skids is also the same thing he attempts to profit from:



"Elytra" - An exploit he made that he was selling for [$5]


Attempting to Key a certain API I cannot list:



Keys off Aero (Headhunter) that shows everytime you Inject:







Hexi is probably one of the worst skids me and my friends have ever seen. Not only does he blatantly skid without doing any work to it, he pretends he is better than he really is, and even tries to profit off his work.


Will he ever change? We don't know, but we don't recommend working with him, and we recommend stopping anyone from using any of his Skidded Exploits. He's not someone we can recommend.

Thank you to




Seizure Salad (doesn't know I used his evidence :troll:


For assisting me and posting Evidence for me to post this Community Warning.




- <3 N4ri

Replied to thread: Dansploit New interface Teaser!

Wow, looks like you pulled out all stops this time, great job!

Replied to thread: [QUES] Every/Best API? Needed For List


Comet is not publicly avaliable api, you are not suppose to use it in your executor.