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Replied to thread: Is FurkUltra obfuscation even good?

most obfuscation is terrible, the only good obfuscation is the one you get when you ask Lucifer to obfuscate your exe files after

1. travelling to hell

2. selling your soul

3. Sending Luficer your EXE

Replied to thread: Release | Mars II, Cheatsquad API, Simple, easy to use design based off Old Sona, Open Source


i don't know this is an api based exploit bazingus

Replied to thread: [SKID] Xedved skidding

@jex IKR



Imagine skidding axon, then saying you didn't skid axon when the source you skidded is axon based


xeddev, stop lying.

Replied to thread: [SKID] Xedved skidding


1. If this was your THIRD version of XedDev, then you should've already known how to make a decent UI without skidding by then.

2. Changing the UI doesn't change the fact you skidded the old UI and thought you were getting away with it.

3. The use of Axon is assumed by the fact you are literally an unknown exploit made up by unknown devs who definitely don't seem experienced enough to either

- Skid but give Credit

- Make something original


Also i bet if unpacked your DLL and it uncovered axon, you'd really become a laughing stock of the community.


Edit: I found it out, THEY SKIDDED SKISPLOIT :kekw:

Replied to thread: What should i release

a winforms program with a button where you can press it to petition for Ryan to shut the hell up about Dua lipa for the 562,826 god damn time

Replied to thread: [SKID] Xedved skidding



Dude, the fact that you skidded an interface, without credit, then making up excuses is a horrible thing to do, Laxion spent so much time making it, and he only posted the Source so people can learn how to animate. Apex unlike you, has full permission to use Laxion's UI.


Plus you made the UI worse by making it disproportionate.


The DLL being axon, yeah that's fine, me and my friend use Axon ourselves (we aren't experienced enough to make our own wrapper), but when you use Axon, or any DLL source, you gotta be transparent with your customers so that


1. You won't get exposed for skidding

2. Your customers have complete peace of mind about what they're using


I think right now, you are simply too inexperienced to make an actual, ambitious exploit, when you skid, you gotta be honest with that, being transparent and honest is an important skill, I don't think people are against skidding, I think people are against when skids pretend to act better than they actually are.


Replied to thread: Post Images Of Your Exploit Progressing


dexploit to dove to atomic :glorg:

Replied to thread: my new exploit FrozenSploit

@blackguythanos hurray you have 101 posts


Replied to thread: Locate - Roblox Executor

I can see where you tried to go with the "inspired by Sona" aspect of this executor, but the UI is utter crap.

1. The TextBox is a standard RichTextBox, which is stupid, i can't believe you didn't even bother to use FCTB.

2. You didn't even bother to change the elements of the UI, so it looks skeumorphic, but also horribly basic and lazy.
3. Why do you have a button for credits, but not a button to open text files? Egotistical much?

4. Why are the window control buttons both off axis, and also lopsided?

5. The fact you claim this runs Owl Hub offends me, CheatSquad isn't very good at running Owl Hub.


The UI needs so much work, it's extremely unpolished, and you could say:


"well i'm new to making exploits"

"I didn't use a framework"


But here's the thing, when i was starting to make exploits, my exploits looked like this:


And that was my very first one, and sure you could say that you don't know how to design, but at the same time, you could've atleast edit the buttons to make them look better, instead, the UI looks lazily made and it looks like you only made the executor within 5-10 minutes.

Replied to thread: Synapse x LAGGG

i experience the same issue with synapse, i try to boost it by closing a few programs i am not using to dedicate my CPU and GPU to Roblox, this SOMETIMES works.

Replied to thread: [SCRIPT] Bloxburg Auto Farm Script

i would say you would only make 2 million every 10 hours, i'm at lvl 50 at Hair Salon.

Replied to thread: ui rating never done before so original hahaha

It's quite basic and plain, not a lot of features either.

Replied to thread: fastcoloredtextbox or monaco? or anything else

Scintilla a good option

Replied to thread: Exornity Exploit Test File | First Release | Tell me if there's a problem

Okay, i have tested out your exploit, and as a usual complainer of UIs, i mostly have my gripes.


1. The execute screen is too spaced out

2. Why is there 2 buttons for the script list? Why do i need to press the arrow button just to bring a script to the script list?

3. Why are the 3 other pages not centered?


Overall, i think you had good intentions, but i think you forgot to polish out the User Interface.