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also rexi theres no age to marry someone or a deadline to get a girlfriend at, everyone goes through relationships at their own pace or may just decide its not for them at the time

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The Game makes all the difference. The only way to make an Inf Money script right now is abusing some remotes. As far as i know, lots of games have protected their remotes so you can't just fire them and get free money. That's why autofarms exist.

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o my god this ui is so beautiful 😩👌 im screaming without the s

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The iPhone 7 is still a great phone today, but I would consider saving up a bit more and see where I can go. You can get a used iPhone 8 for like $50 more and that means you'd atleast get wireless charging and possibly another year of updates (which def goes a long way if you're keeping that phone for a while)

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Anemo Executor with great design and a CUSTOM API! [No Key System!]

The UI just feels really weird. there are elements about the UI that just feel like they're from bought UIs then copied over to your executor. For example the Treeview script list looks like Ducxy's, and the tab design looks like it came from TeriHax's $15 UI.


I'm not against this, but the way you / your team decided to implement them into the current UI ends up feeling weird and wrong, especially with the extremely compressed and for some reason really thick side bars, large logo, and weird order of buttons.


My suggestion: If you legitimately bought 2 UIs for Anemo, use one of them as your UI instead of implementing them into Anemo. They're both pretty good at their job, so why not use the UIs you bought from them?

Otherwise, you should overhaul the design so these elements fit into your executor, or just don't and use something else.

Replied to thread: [HELP] Roblox FPS locked at 1

this all sounds sus especially since nihon and fluxus files randomly appeared on your computer, try using process explorer, turn on virustotal and check for any sus things running

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WRDAPI.SendLuaScript("your script here");

the easy way is to add pictureboxes and add this to the picture box code

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This is a demo? Are you planning to sell this, because if you do, everyone will scream.

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@Shade_0122 utility when

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you know what's more annoying than taxidrivers? the cars taxidrivers are driving on. my cat is a car and he runs over people's no no square

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Yayyyyyyyyyyy :D

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Created a new thread: [THROWBACK RELEASE] Snyder LE

RPC Exploit was a disaster imo, but it did remind me of the time I tried making an "internal" exploit using a lua script and an API.


Unfortunately, I deleted the Snyder Injector (the project didn't release after all) and the entire project was put into neglect because i had no idea how to get execute to work


False gave me the idea that i should put an assert around the loadstring like a year ago but I didnt decide to use it until now


The UI is horrid because ROBLOX's GUI Maker is bad and there are so many issues with it. I can definitely do better now using UI Grid Layouts and stuff thought.

Snyder LE as it stands now, is just a script, i cba to make an inject exe for it, but it works, and it's such a throwback with scripts like Spectrum Hub and the like. The only changes is actually making execute work lol

anyways, here u go


(Executed w/ Comet)

Replied to thread: [Release]⭐ RPC Exploit ⭐ Power to Executors

I like the Idea of bringing an "Internal UI" to an API based Exploit (i've actually done this a year ago), but how you executed this idea was poorly done and easily could've improved by doing a lot of simple changes.


First of all, I couldn't even get the damn thing to work. KRNL takes so long for me to load when injected that RPC ends up saying that i haven't injected yet.


Why don't you add a pipe check and make it wait until it finds the pipe? Or better yet, put the script in the autoexec and just make the executable a simple injector?

Second of all, why pastebin? Pastebin actively moderates roblox scripts and it's not avaliable in Turkey, meaning you're missing out on a market of 82 million people, not to mention the exploiting market in Turkey is extremely active. Instead of using Pastebin, use Github or Gitlab, they're designed for developers and don't end up deleting scripts at least as badly as Pastebin.



Third of all, what the hell is with the UI? I know UI Development on ROBLOX is really hard to do because screensize destroys the position of elements and you can't do precise movements, but the loading screen isn't even stylish. Some of the font choices are poor and cartoonish, and I swear the main execute ui is skidded.


Why is there an RPC Shop? How is it supposed to work? Why are you just forcing people to "buy" scripts you probably found online? Are you planning to make money with RPC Premium, and if so, why make money off KRNL?



Fourth of all, what's with the way you developed this exploit? Why is there a shortcut? Why is there a Windows Form JUST to inject the executor? You can literally make a C# Console app.



There is so many issues with this executor, a lot of changes, especially simple ones could've really helped this thing out,