(I using: Synapse X)

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and I use C ++ and C # when working on my New Exploits for Humorous purposes :)


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@OpenGamerTips ye i know but heh i need to write a bigi code to get this with i need

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ok i try make own but thats can be a little hard

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why? i need to add this in my dll to can execute scripts - owl hub example

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Hello. I want to add a Drawning Lib to my dll to can execute scripts - owl hub, unnamed esp etc. Someone know how i can add it?

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Hello. Where can I buy the xhosted one of you guys mentioned. I need something like this for every exact roblox address to update my API, of course on a converted axon without a wrapper and on bytecode Conversion

I will not enter their discord server through the official website because the invitations have expired

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Where i can buy xhosted?

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Heh. I need a Lua Types of Roblox but my XDumper crashing when he must generate a Lua types. Someone can send me a link to updated version? or other good Roblox Lua Types Dumper

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Hello. I have such a problem. I downloaded Axon Source, I got everything I should have in it, but I have errors in retcheck that I don't know how to fix it bruh. The first error is: "out_of_range": it is not a member of the "std" element, the next one is related to the syntax of out_of_range identifier and the last one is: catch blocks must define one type. I will be grateful for helpful answers! : '

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Hello. I have such a question because I have been creating new interesting projects (exploits) for a long time and I have this question. How i can create an exploit running on the bytecode conversion engine 🧐 I would be grateful for any answer regarding my topic

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I not writed this is my exploit is better than synapse lol.

Just i using Synapse x now but this is better UI

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I can't remove virus from wrd.api is not possible and some of you must know that such wrd.api will be considered as virus. Must often the Trojan but is it a fake virus.


This nature of Exploits :/

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Welcome everyone!

After a long time At the computer and fixing errors in the console i was able to finish my exploit. I would love to see him appear on this wearedevs. I respect this site very much and my exploit is updated frequently so it has no errors.


My DarkScream is Simple Executor running on wrd.api and Monaco Files! it has a lot of working scripts, because every script it adds is checked before publishing, so you can be sure that it will work for you too! I hope that somehow my exploit rate and that some will use it :)


One -

Scripthub is still updating :/

DarkScream Link:



Screenshot of my DarkScream link: